Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scrapbook Generation Kit review

Hi all!

I have been horrible about keeping up with my blog because I am horrible about getting paper projects done (I have entirely too many hobbies...) but I got TWO layouts done this week!  This is the second one of pics from our cruise several years ago:

So how did I get two done - A couple months ago I came across a site called Scrapbook Generation and decided to check it out.  So glad I did!  They sell lots of scrapping supplies but they also have various monthly kit clubs you can subscribe to.  Plus you can order past kits you missed so I signed up and grabbed some older ones too.  The kits come with several layouts sketches and instructions to make them.  The kit comes with the papers and embellishments needed to make the layouts.  Talk about fast and easy!

The embellishments (for this kit anyway) were in the form of a sticker sheet - I have never been real big on stickers - possibly because I started my paper crafting with a Cricut so stickers seemed somehow "less than".

The clusters on this page are all stickers and I kinda like them!

However I can't completely abandon my Cricut of course!  So I added to the layouts.  In this one - I added the umbrella cut - the original sketch had a llama sticker here - he was cute but......

And then on this part I used this great sun cricut cut in place of one of the pictures, the arrow and circular saying are both stickers.

So what do I think of Scrapbook Generation?  So far I LOVE it!  As if perfectly timed I saw a huge debate play out in one of the scrapping FB groups I am in about kits vs. non-kits.  A number of people said kits destroy the creativity of it.  I beg to differ.  I have also avoided any sort of sticker or chipboard embellishments for YEARS because I have my Cricut - also silly of me I think.  Now maybe if I had more time it would be different but honestly - I love to buy my supplies as collections so I have a group of matching papers to pull from when scrapping.  In the past I have often spent entirely too much time trying to figure out which pages I wanted from different collections - sometimes collections would sell out before I got around to ordering!  Then I spend a second huge chunk of time going through my massive collection of sketches trying to figure out which one to use and then figuring out the sizing blah blah blah.  47 hours of planning and a few hours of actual doing and I might get a layout done.  Plus the fact that I can get 2-3 sketches done with the one set of papers means the planning on how to most efficiently use the papers is done for me.  This was easier and I would argue there is still room for creativity.  In several spots I switched the papers around and used something different that I liked better and as you saw on my last post and this one there was still room to add my own cricut touches as well.  OR if you really think it destroys creativity don't use the sketches but get the kits - papers from the same collection so you know you will have a coherent layout.  That's just common sense.  I couldn't believe people are against that!

I have not gotten out all of the kits I ordered so I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like there are any matching solid papers sent with the kits so I added some in.  Two posts ago also used some of the paper from this same kit but my own layout.  I added some solids to bulk things up a bit and could probably still get a few cards out of it too if I still made cards.  In addition the layouts all seem to be done on white background paper with no mats for the photos which I don't like so I just dig up a matching solid or two instead.  Those are the only 2 downfalls which aren't a big deal.  Needless to say I love the kits so far and look forward to using them more!  So go check them out!

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  1. Cute! But wow this was a while ago...look how small Pezza is! I think the problem w/ creativity is that it paralyzes you w/ too many options! That's why I don't get anything done either. When things match, it's easier to get started, but you're not tied to it. You can always change anything to your liking!