Monday, February 3, 2014

A simple little funky village

Hi all!

Well I do love snow but even I am getting a bit tired of snowy winters.  I am chomping at the bit for spring to arrive so I can head out to my gardens and dig in the dirt!  Truth is I may finally be over snowy winters for good!  Might even be able to be convinced to one day live somewhere with no snow in winter.  But not while Pezza is little - she loves it too much!

I have been scrambling around for balance and failing miserably.  BUT I have long admired the work of fellow Luminarte artist Jodi Ohl and when I saw her mini version of her Funky Cities class for half the cost of the full version I jumped at the chance to try something new!

I must say I was operating far outside of my comfort zone as well as using a medium I am not too familiar with - acrylic paints.  Not the $1.79 craft paints I usually use but big girl paints!

I have slowly collected tubes of these more expensive paints - and some of them can go as much as $12 for a tiny tube so I use my coupons at Michaels or watch for them to be 40% off!  I have to say the difference is striking!  The colors are so vibrant!

I have also been attempting to participate with a Blog/Facebook art journaling group called Journal 52 and we have weekly prompts.  This one was for the week 2 prompt - "Somewhere, A Simple Place."  I think of mine more as funky little villages - a fun, simple, doodled place!

It was SUCH fun that I have already started on a second one and Pezza is doing one with me so I can teach her about the techniques.  She is QUITE pleased at using the big girl paints like Mommy!  Now to find some time to do some more!