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I teach online!  I have always loved doing tutorials and when my friend Suzanne Dean started her online classroom, Color Me Creative, and asked if I wanted to teach I jumped at the chance!  Here is a list of classes I offer over there - just click on them to get to the registration page!
  • Prisma Pencils 1 - $45 -This class will cover a variety of techniques using colored pencils. Not only will we cover The ever-popular Gamsol or Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) technique but we will explore other blending methods as well to help you achieve a range of looks in your finished artwork. In addition we will cover shading techniques and discuss how to determine your light source and work WITH that light source while coloring to achieve a dynamic finished image. CLASS is video based with matching printable materials.
  • Prisma Pencils 2 - $45 - This class builds on what we learned in Class 1 covering additional, more advanced topics using Prisma Colored Pencils.  Topics include African American hair, white objects, wood, grounding an object, glass, using colored paper bases, monochrome, black & white, using grays to accurately shade complicated patterned areas & more.  We will also go over other pencil brands and options.
  • Cricut Basics - $15 - This is a VERY BASIC Intro Cricut Class! It is geared toward those whose Cricut is still IN THE BOX and will help them get past the intimidation and be ready for the more advanced Cricut Classes coming soon! Includes 5 lessons:1. Unboxing and tips for set up; 2. Dial Settings; 3. Basic Buttons; 4. Mats & Paper; 5. Cartridges and Handbooks.  Class includes instructional videos and pdf files with instructions that you can print.
  • Cricut Basics 2 - $50 - Learn how to use every single feature/function on your expression machine and make projects along the way to reinforce what you have learned. This class will primarily use the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that comes with most machines and touch on a few others to give you general knowledge of the cartridges. This class can also help with understanding the functions on the Cricut Create machine which is similar to the Expression. Each detailed lesson comes in both video AND PDF form. Homework assignments will be checked regularly and there will be an open door policy for anyone who has questions or needs additional help.
  • Cricut Pagoda Cartridge Exploration - $40 - Use the Pagoda Cartridge and Asian Cuttlebug Folder bundle to create a variety of projects to include cards, home decor and gifts. Learn to understand all of your different options and Creative Features on the Pagoda cartridge along with the Functions on your machine to really get your money’s worth from this fascinating cartridge. Advanced projects will include lessons on creating with vinyl and Bonus Lessons will include cardmaking ideas/lessons on techniques to enhance your projects! Upload to gallery for comments too!
  • Mixed Media - COMING SOON - This class will focus on mixed media techniques and projects using a wide variety of fun products.  We will begin by making an art journal which will take you through techniques and product usage lessons.  This will serve as a reference tool for you.  Next we will use what we learned through our art journal to create amazing art pieces by combining techniques and products in inventive ways.  This second part will allow for alot of creative freedom and imagination.  Projects can be anything from creative backgrounds to use for cardmaking and papercrafting to gifts and home decor items!

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