Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UTEE tutorial - part 1 (and new cuttlebug folders)

i have been seeing lots of questions about UTEE so i am going to do a few tutorials with it up next. i am by no means an expert and i know this incredibly versatile product can do ALOT of things but i am going to give you a few of my basic faves. my examples are all on a LO - YAY got a LO done!! frist the sketch i used:

This is an 8 1/2 x 11 sketch but i did it 12x12. sometimes ny finished product looks just like the sketch and sometimes it ends up so different i don't even post the sketch but in this case i did not stray far...

Can YOU find the UTEE in this LO?? HAHAHA just kidding - i have a total of 6 items, 3 techniques here and i will do a lesson on each one.

First page:

Second page:

lesson for today - sample#1

Lesson for today - sample#2

did you see the new Cuttlebug embossing folder borders!!! if you haven't gotten any RUN over to Crop Stop and check them out!!!
tell haily jo i sent you!!!
smudged up the embossing with versamagic (luscious stuff! more on that thursday) and the foam blender tool.

This technique is called cracked glass and i in no way came up with it :)

supplies: UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) in clear, versamark pad, heat gun, glitter tray, stamped/colored images or die cuts on cardstock.

Smoosh your image into your versamark pad - really smoosh it in there and get a good coating of versamark all over the front - you can tell in the light because it looks wet and shiny.

Now pour some UTEE over it and then very gently dump the loose extra cystals off. set the image in your glitter tray. **DISCLAIMER** very meesy, especially the first few times you do this. before using UTEE i usually make sure my area is cleaned up. it will also get all over your tray so you need to have a sort of s=designated UTEE tray!

the large crstals don't actually STICK as well to the versamark like regular embossing powder. when eating you don't want to start out very close or the gun will blow the crystals everywhere. and i do mena everywhere! so i start very high up and slowly move closer - if i see any crystals start to move around i back up a bit. as it gets warm and starts to melt you can move in closer.

in this pic you can see it has started to melt. at first it beads up and then it smoothes out. this process takes longer than regular EP.

You want a thick, smooth, even coating so while the UTEE is still hot aim the gun away and sprinkle more UTEE, heat it, repeat over all areas until you feel it is a nice thick coverage. next put your image in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.

Take the image(s) out of the freezer one at a time and quickly, gently bend them in different directions to crack the UTEE - not too hard or it might pop off.

next you can use a foam blender and smudge it over with a dark ink like vintage photo to get the cracks more noticeable. wipe excess ink off surface.

i plan to have the next two tutorials post wednesday and friday (yes skipping ANOTHER TOTB Friday) as i will be out of town at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Vally Forge PA - anyone else going to be there??? if so leave me a comment! i look ofrward to some cool classes and lots of shopping as well as some full nights of sleep, room service, no dishes and time to add a slew of new products to the website!!!! baby and daddy will be on their own for the first time ever!! don't worry the boys have strict instructions to help entertain her and the neighbor is on call for emergencies!

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  1. I'm so EXCITED!!! I have been waiting for this tutorial! Will definitely be playing around with this tonight!!!