Sunday, July 13, 2008

tutorial-transparency card painting with alcohol ink AND website error

ok BUSINESS FIRST: there was an error on my website with the payment button for series 22 so if you ordered them you will be getting an invoice for the additional $10.00 - SO sorry about that! sheesh right??? now on to the FUN STUFF!!

here is my card for todays little lesson:


i based it VERY LOOSELY on the sketch over on poetic artistry but i re-did another one for that. Supplies needed: transparency, stamps, black staz on ink pad, alcohol inks, paint tray, paint brush, blending solution and paper towels.

I don't have a lot of pics because i did not like the first one and decided to use this card instead. begin by stamping your image on the front of your card with black staz on and be sure it is dry. choose your alcohol ink colors. you will paint on the back OR if you paint on the front be aware that you cannot paint over the black lines. paint one color at a time - squirt some alcohol ink in a well of your paint tray and just paint like regular paints keeping in mind it dries quickly. use blending solution and paper towels to rinse the brush when changing colors.

Now we can add our layers remembering the sandwich technique from the previous tutorial (but this time i have better pics!) i have two layers for the front of the card and two layers for the back piece (so we have an area insdie to write on.)

for this card the position of our front piece is most important so we will start there and base everything else on it. i stamped the image and colored with copics and then cut a frame with my cricut using the stretch your imagination cart. put your adhesive on and place it the way you want it.

Now we want to glue the mat for the front piece behind it on the inside of the card but don't want our adhesive to show. so open the card and looking at the back of your front piece put your adhesive on the transparency making sure it is only where the front piece is.

Lay your mat on the table, turn your card over (open) so that you are looking at the front - you can see the mat through the card - lower it in place so you can be sure it is even

Now do the inside/back piece for writing. start with your cardstock that will be inside the card where you will write. put adhesive on the back. open your card so you are looking at the back of the mat you just put on. center your writing piece adhesive side up on that so you know you won't see it when looking at the front of the card (unless you want to of course). now carefully close the card onto it so it glues.

now once again do the back mat the same as the front one. looking at the back of the writing piece put your adhesive on the transparency so it is not going to show through. turn it over and lower the card onto the mat piece.

now you have a piece on the inside to write on with a mat.

oh i hope that was understandable!!! i am working my courage up to tackle my clear albums!

look for more tutorials with alcohol ink this week.

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  1. I love all the alcohol ink techniques you are sharing I have almost the whole set of these and need to have more ideas of what I can do with them.