Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming up for g and inkadinkado info

hello all!

First - Studio G shipping updates - I plan on finishing the last of the shipping tomorrow (provided we have a cooperative little 1 year old). I am getting alot of emails so here is the scoop for y'all. I am shipping orders out in the order they came in - which means first to order, first to go out - more recent orders ship last. For the most part series 15, series 16, ink pads and wood alphas are all going out - however i only print one shipping label so it may LOOK like only part of your order is coming but it's really all coming - maybe one day i will get multi order shipping to work for me but even hubby couldn't get it going. everything hit at once which is why it is such slow going - keep in mind none of this stuff arrives sorted into sets for me! As i near the last of the orders some items could be held up as i am waiting on more ink pads AND quite a few of the series 16 sets are missing a package so I am waiting on those too. ALSO good news - it looks like i MAY have some series 15 left - i had several cancellations PLUS they sent more than they said they could - watch here for a final on that.

Second - on to inkadinkado info - i will get some of the "$1" sets - but as i posted earlier they are not actually $1. you can order here. In other news i just received their holiday 2008 dealer catalog - OH MY!!!! i was not a stamper last christmas so i don't know how they compare to last years stamps but i think they are magnificent - elegant, sophisticated and fun!! NOW will i carry them - this i have not decided on. i hesitate because i know these will be on other, bigger websites like BUT if there is significant interest i will carry them or possibly do a special order for all those interested and give a nice discount so my price will be lower than elsewhere - so folks let me know if you are interested!! they will start shipping out July 15 - New stamps can be seen here!!

Third - don't forget to check out all the Tsukineko stuff arriving - oh so YUMMY!!!

Finally - i want to have another perfect pearls tutorial up for you tomorrow BUT it really depends on how shipping goes. it may go up late in the day or it may go up this weekend - just be sure not to miss it - easy technique with a huge wow factor!

and i'm off........

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