Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tutorial - alcohol ink and SFYTT

i sure hope y'all are enjoying these tutorials and finding them useful - leave me a comment and let me know if i should keep going!! today starts our focus on alcohol inks - if you haven't played with these i highly recomend them! you can purchase them individually on my website so you can pick and choose your colors instead of having to buy them in sets. Alcohol inks are unique because they are made for slick, non-porous surfaces. this allows you to color acrylic, tin foil, glass, plastic, metal - lots of options for altering embellishments and tin containers.

today is another recipe card for the recipe exchange over on the paper patch crafts MB so i kept it simple for laminating purposes. i used Jen's SFYTT for this week:

and here is the card:

the stamps here are done using the studio G pigment inks - they stamp very smoothly and the colors are very soft and pretty. the bottom squares are done with alcohol inks.

Gather supplies: Ranger glossy paper, 2-3 colors alcohol inks, alcohol metallic mixative (optional), alcohol blending solution, felt pads and blending tool. Remember you can find all of these items in the web store.

begin by opening all of your inks and the blending solution. squirt each color onto your felt pad forming a dot like this picture - keep the colors separate, not on top of each other. ad one or two drops of metallic mixative if you are using it. put a few drops of blending solution also. the more blending solution you use the lighter the colors will be.

working quickly dab the felt onto your glossy paper in random patterns. add more ink if you need to as you go along. dabbing on top of areas already colored will make interesting patterns. it is essential to use glossy paper as alcohol inks are made for NON-POROUS, slick surfaces. y ou can use photo paper but the effects are not as vibrant.

once done i cut out all the squares i needed with the cricut.


  1. I love these tutorials, yes keep doing them!! I am learning so much. Thank you for all the hard work and talent you put into them.

  2. HAHAHAHA, I missed the tutorial because I was too busy trying to see how to make the bananas!! LOL..j/k....

    My perfect pearl stuff is going up tomorrow...GOTTA CATCH UP!!!!

    Don't give up on me just yet...gotta make my comeback debut...LOL

  3. P.S. I heart your tutorials miss know it all in my is STILL learning TONS of things from you!

  4. Please, keep doing the tutorials! You are always very helpful & there's great info how to use the products - and in different ways. Thanks!