Monday, July 21, 2008

tutorial - dimensional pearl smoosh

Dimensional Pearls are a fabulous product by Ranger that i don't see often but LOVE to use. the easy use is to make dots or flower centers or other ways very similar to how most people use stickles. but i have a couple new ideas for you that i really love and hope you will too! the border on the right is done using the technique i will be showing you.

Dimensional pearls come in a large bottle with a needle nose applicator tip. it's a pearlized acrylic paint and comes in 12 of the ranger earthtone colors (i am always hoping for more colors...)

supplies needed: 2-3 colors of dimensional pearls, cardstock cut to size (TWO pieces), brayer (helpful but not essential).

randomly drizzle the dimensional pearls on one piece of cardstock.

working quickly before the paint dries - lay the other piece of cardstock on top of the paint drizzles, smoosh them together - use the brayer and work both from the center out and from the edges in (you are hoping to leave no white spaces. immediately grab each piece of paper at one corner and pull apart diagonally.

pulling diagonal leaves an interesting pattern:

cut and use your background piece as you want for cards and LOs.

Have fun and don't forget to sign in on yesterfday's post for some blog candy!!! you can find dimensional pearls on my website!!



  1. ooo those are shimmery. How long does that take to dry?