Friday, July 4, 2008

Thinking Outside The block - better late than never!!!

Check this one out!!!

i have a pic of me and the two boys i want to put in here but have not gotten a chance to print it out. maybe i can update this later. So here are the steps:

Lay out your blocks - look familiar?? because of the way they are sized they don't meet up quite right at the bottom corner but we'll fix that later.

I am going to put a picture of the boys in here so i wanted something a bit more masculine. first i alcohol inked the whole thing with a little twist. i used Latte, Meadow and Lettuce. after putting the alcohol ink on my felt pad i took my brush and dipped it into bronze perfect pearls, held it over the inked up pad and lightly tapped to sprinkle it on. then inked up the whole frame. this gave it a nice shimmer.

next i added my stamping. i did all of this BEFORE glueing them together in case i messed up and needed to switch out a block or two. i used brilliance pearlescent dew drop ink pads in thyme, olive and chocolate. when i was done i glued them all together with e6000.

Next i needed to hide that bottom corner. i cut this shape from the home accents cart on my cricut. then i inked a corner of my stamp and pressed my die cut on it so it matched the designs on the frame. this is all done in an asian theme.

I attached the piece to the frame with a thin layer of mod podge. i also cut out the word family from the same cart, rubbed it with some ink and attached that with mod podge.

next i needed to add a hanger to the back. i held up the frame to find the center of balance since i knew one side was much heavier than the other. i attached the hanger with e6000.

working with acrylic can present problems - like my hanger showing through so i added more die cuts - stamped with the same stamp as the bottom corner to cover it up.

here are a couple close ups:

now go have some fun with your blocks! if you ave a project done with the acrylic blocks i'd love to see it - post a link here in the comments or if you post to splitcoast use TOTB in the keywords.

Blocks and other items used here can be purchased in my webstore!

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