Friday, July 11, 2008

Studio G strikes AGAIN!! plus TOTB

here they are!!! the next two series of Studio G $1 clear stamps i have available on my website - halloween/fall designs:

Holiday designs:

in addition i will have two new sets of $1 pigment inks up as well from Studio G - one will be halloween/fall colors and the other one will be holiday colors. i have been very impressed with the summer ink set so far but still need more time to PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also working with hampton arts on a little exclusive surprise for y'all so be sure to stay tuned - not sure when it will happen.....and YES YOU HAVE TO BUY THE BLOCKS with these sets - i am gettuing TWO of EACH SIZE with every set i order - no choice - i am only passing on one to of each size to you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that brings us to our next segment - USE THOSE BLOCKS:
yep that's right - i made my initial! hee heee!!! the stamping is done with brilliance pearlescent crimson - available in my store and i used one of my background stamps. these blocks are AWESOME because i just laid the stamp ink side up - inked it and positioned the block so the design is all lined up the way i wanted it. dots of stickles in magenta and OF COURSE some sands of time bead pops - both also available in my store along with the blocks - GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!

fun project in store for you this weekend AND another new announcement coming on Tuesday - KEEP WATCHING......................................

now off to clean house - company's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. oooh I like that M. Whatcha going to do with it? It would look neat on the wall I bet!