Sunday, April 29, 2012

fairy cakemother coming soon...

hi all!

what a week i have had.  culminating in a trip to the ER yesterday morning UGH!  it was actually a calculated visit on my part to save some time and worry.  in my late twenties i battled severe liver and gallbladder disease.  i spent more than three years in constant discomfort to massive nausea and pain so bad i would pass out - all while working, going to school and raising my boys by myself :P  in those three years i underwent monitoring tests every 3 months and my condition continued to deteriorate with traditional western medicine offering NOTHING that could help me.  then a friend took me to his accupuncturist - MIRACLES happened!  now, i did not believe in accupuncture at the time but i was desperate and scared.  i was heading for the liver transplant list.  i went to the accupuncturist 3 times a week for 6 months - he did the needle treatments and also taught me alot about my body - what to eat, herbal supplements to use, what to not eat and how to recognize my body's signals and adjust my behavior and diet accordingly if necessary.  my liver went back down to normal size and began functioning perfectly.  the nausea and pain stopped!  and it has been fine for more than 10 years.  until now.  it's back.  so i headed in to the ER and they got all of the preliminary tests out of the way - blood work, ultrasound, xrays and CT scan - NO gall stones, NO abnormally large liver or other organs, liver function is still in the normal range, etc.  which leaves my gallbladder.  it is not functioning again and i need to get a Hida Scan - HATE those and they HURT BADLY!  after that, gallbladder removal.  however i don't like the stories i read about life after removal - it does NOT sound like an improvement.  so i am hoping i can remember all the doc taught me and go back to that.  i would do accupuncture in a heartbeat but ins. doesn't cover that.  you know how everyone says obamacare is bad and we will no longer have control over our healthcare decisions?  well if you think you have control now you are kidding yourself.  SOOOO after you read my post i would love to hear from any of you who has experience with gallbladder removal or NOT removing it.  please leave me a comment!

afternoon/evening is the worst so i try to do things in the morning - one thing i am working on right now is my Suzi Blu Petite Dolls class - the best EVER!  ok i said that about dina wakely and dion dior too....anyway, i am working on a really fun one right now with a petite doll i drew based on my friend catherine and the apron i made for her when she became the master of cake decorating (see her pics here).

yummy yes????  you can see fairy cakemother in the upper left dancing in her apron with her magic spoon and also her castle.  i got lucky and spied that fabulous harlequin ribbon in hobby lobby friday HALF OFF!  now to figure out how i will put it all together!


  1. I had my gallbladder out and consider it one of the best things I ever did! Hope you get to feeling better!!
    Looks like lots of fun goodies there!

  2. Hey girl, hope your feeling better. I was at work one day and pain struck like you would not believe, to the point I doubled over. Since I worked in the ER I was already there. Lots of scans and blood tests. The doctor, who was my friend came and said "Colleen, you don't drink do you?" I said I was what you call once in a great moon social drinker "why?" she said "you have pancreatitis" To make a long story short - I had gallstones blocking the pancreatic ducts. This pain was equivalent to labor pains with no relief. When I thought about it I had several gall bladder attacks for I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain smack in the middle of my back and shoulders. Anyhow I ended up in the hospital for five days. Not sure if that would happen now with the new health care:( but I needed IV pain control. I had my gallbladder removed a month later with no side effects, pain or any other abnormality. In fact, I actually felt much better:) I love my surgeon!! My surgery was schedule for 4 PM which BTW is outpatient surgery. A major vehicle accident came in and took all the Out Patient OR rooms. I told my surgeon "that's ok, I'll be back another day!" He looked at me and said "I know you and I know you won't come back, we will wait this out together" he sat and talked to me and hubby until midnight when he finally had an OR room available. Awesome person!! Well, now that I wrote a book here - I am wishing you to feel better!! See you in less than two weeks my friend! Hugz!!

  3. HOLY CANOLI, what rock have I been living under that I haven't seen this?!?! I LOOOOOVE this post (well, project-wise) I'm super sad about your gallbladder problemos? I have zero experience with that so I have no words of wisdom, but I gotta say that however things are going with Obamacare, I have zero complaints about Canada's health coverage and how it works. Again, granted I don't know too much about it, but I know that when I don't feel well, I walk into the ER or doctors and walk out, no problemo.

    Hope the pain and stuff die down for you though and you feel better soon!!!!!! I heart all the cool project stuff with my mini me!!!! I LOVE how you coloured her, she's way cuter than me!!! Can't wait to see how your project turns out!!!!!!