Monday, April 2, 2012

a fun change of pace today with video!

hi all!

first day of Spring Break down...4 more to go until the weekend :P  today we went to Great Country Farms.  It is a cool place - a full on working farm that is also set up as a Upick farm AND huge play/activity area.  there's all sorts of things like a giant jumping pillow, play sets, huge slides plus farm animals galore and lots of interesting farm facts along the way.  they also have a lot of fun things set up throughout the spring-fall seasons for holidays and festivals. ending with my son, trev's favorite - pumpkin chunkin'!

we had a crazy busy weekend that included picking up our new momma foster kitty!  she had her babies friday night and we picked her up saturday morning.  she is a beautiful lovey dovey teeny brown tabby and she had 2 grey babies and 2 black & white ones.  we decided to name her Candy.  the 2 grey boys are Twizzler and Skittle and the 2 B&W girls are Peppermint & Taffy.  Taffy is the runt and VERY laid back and cute - not very runty just a bit behind.  Twizzler is the biggest and boy has he got a mouth on him!  Candy is settling in to her space in my studio nicely and has the whole basement to herself.  i really thought bubba might be happy to see her and the babies since he is constantly trying to play with my big cats but nope.  he hates her.  i am hoping he will warm up to her eventually because i think he would have lots of fun playing with the kittens.  pics are at the end of this post!

we also de-winterized our camper so we can be ready for our first trip of the season in 2 weeks.  we are headed to PA to ride trains with pezza - she is very excited!

ok on to my fun projects - i took a quick detour from the papercrafting and mixed media to do some jewelry!
 i was first inspired by the necklaces i saw one day at Kohls.
i made the pendants using UTEE and Luminarte Primary Elements in a bezel and adding some Gala Glitz too (vintage glass shards and microbeads).
I added a variety of other beads and charms along the chain.

fun and surprisingly easy!  here is a second one in black and silver

i love it paired with the green and black

there is a video below that has this charm in it along with other things you can do with UTEE - SCACD carries the bezels, UTEE and Primary Elements i used.
it turns out that making the little eyes on the top and some bottoms of the danglies is actually super easy!  in fact i just might make some more stuff!

one tip - go pick out your beads, chain and additional charms FIRST and then decide on the colors for your Bezel.  It is really tough to do the bezel first and THEN look for matching beads :P

here are the kitties...

and now the video...
have fun!


  1. You totally amaze me with all of your different creating arts! I think you have dabble in just about everything I can think of!! Beautiful necklace and awesome designing! Love the kitties! Are you going to Strasburg Railroad? Check out the Creamery in town! It's very quaint with awesome ice cream!

  2. I KNEW I NEEDED a melting pot! Dang it Marti, you, you, YOU are amazing!!! Keep inspiring me :)