Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a travelin' girl...

good grief!!!!!!!

did anyone miss me???  we have been on vacation - did a whirlwind tour of the south!  we hit myrtle beach for kevin's brother's wedding, pine mountain, GA, raceland, LA to see my mom, birmingham AL to see my brother, max meadow, VA and then home - all in 11 days!  fun fun fun!  i have NEVER been to any of the beaches on the east coast before - i am a west coast girl - spent my teen and young adult years on the coast just north of san diego.  of course i am also familiar with the gulf coast of louisiana as well but this was my first east coast beach trip.  i am in love!  we took the camper of course and stayed at this huge rv park RIGHT on the beach which was an amazing park.  Pezza was the flower girl in her Uncle Nate's wedding and she did a fabulous job.  the wedding was on the beach and really beautiful.  this was pezza's first beach experience and she loved it too.  she was not terribly keen on going into the water, especially since the beach was littered with jelly fish which she did NOT want to meet up with in the water.  but we did play for quite a long time in the sand.  i had now been to a beach in years and years - i forgot how much i love it.  when i lived with my dad in san diego we lived right on the beach and i went to sleep to the sound of the waves every night - forgot how nice they sound.  we will definitely be making a trip down there again next year i think!

then we loaded up and headed to my mom's - she lives just sw of new orleans.  we stopped half way to spend the night and throw pezza into the pool and onto the playground after sitting all day.  as much as she drives me nuts at home she is great on the road.  she loves seeing new things and places.  i have decided i really like this rv road tripping too.  no gas station/rest stop bathrooms.  rv parks are way better than hotels to stop in overnight and pezza can run around and play.  awesome!  i even drove it!!!!  i have come a long way from a girl who couldn't drive anything bigger than a hyundai hatchback!

we were happy to get to my mom's - hadn't been in over a year!  we brought kev's harley with us so he and i got to go riding together which hasn't happened since hollyn was born.  i set myself up in my mom's studio and did lots of artful playing which i thoroughly enjoyed and pez had her own little spot too.  here is something i did while i was down there:
i outlined first in black but then decided i liked gold better.
i painted it with twinkling H2Os and then misted more luminarte goodness through a stencil so the background wasn't so stark. 

more pics tomorrow of our trip and some other stuff i did while gone!

i am scrambling around now to get ready to teach in baltimore this weekend at the outlawz retreat - i am really looking forward to that AND to seeing my bestest crafting buddy evah - miss catherine/silly skittles! OH and most importantly - the 3 remaining kittens have survived and are now healthy and growing and doing really well!


  1. What an amazing trip! Glad you had fun! We love traveling with our RV.

  2. Pictures of your trip or it didn't happen!!! LOL That sounds like an AWESOME trip, you're totally selling me on RVing! Bart's parents have a huge motorhome that they take everywhere and I never really understood the pull, but when you put it like that, it does sound pretty sweet!

    At this moment, I am currently sitting here pretending the dryer isn't done so I don't have to go down and do more laundry! LOL I can't WAIT to SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crap, I actually was going to comment about your project which is full of shimmery goodness which was what first caught me eye and I forgot! LOL I'm not sure where I sit on the black or gold outline fence! I like both but probably leaning towards the gold too, normally I like black outlines, but with the girl swirly stencils and the colour you chose for the image, the gold outline does help bring it out without making it look dull or muddled like I think the black outline kind of does!

  4. I like the black better...stands out more.

    Sounds like a fun trip & glad the kitties are better.