Monday, April 23, 2012

mastering twinks...

hi all!

well i did it.  i finally got my trees planted. :P yes it has been like a month or more that i have had them!  digging holes in our yard is about the same as digging holes in cement.  it SUCKS.  i dug every day last week and only got 1 1/2 holes done.  i finally gave in and paid my neighbor's kid (landscaper) to come finish with his buddy.  they had to get a heavy duty drill and extra large bit to loosen the dirt!  but they did it and i got them into the ground just in time to get 2 full days of steady rain - YAY free watering!  the high for saturday was 78 and today it is 41!!!  mother nature is on CRACK!  i refuse to get my winter coat back out.  REFUSE! 

have you got twinkling H2Os???  do you use them?  do you want them?  do you want to use them?  then you need to take the Mastering Twinks class by Dion Dior.  it is AMAZING!  and i have only done a portion of lesson 1!!!  i usually use my twinks to put in some sparkling base color on my images before coloring them with pencil or i may do a wet wash of color for a background.  Dion is a MASTER - with twinks and as an artist.  she also has a wonderful teaching ability.  for the exercises i needed to get my twinks super wet and gooey so while i was waiting i played with the kittens of course!  pics of them below.  then i wanted to test them out and see how good and gooey they were so i grabbed my mini sketchbook i was playing in last night:

i doodled some flowers while watching tv last night the way Christy Tomlinson teaches in her She Had Three Hearts workshop and i am really liking the technique - wish i was better at it but...
and i even WROTE something!  here is the other one:
fun stuff!  not ready to put it on a wall but perfect in a journal used to practice new techniques!  tune in tomorrow to see what else i did for class!!!

i got a pic of another of the kittens - this is Twizzler.  he has had an eye infection which we went to the vet for last week and i have been doing antibiotics BUT as you see they are not working well SO likely another trip to the vet.
this is the only boy and he is the momma's boy all the way.  he just loves to cuddle up on me.  when i go down to the studio him & taffy come running for me and climb all over me to get me to hold them.

of course pezza is always wanting down there but she only gets limited visits
and don't let that adorable face fool you - she is trouble!  last night daddy told her no for something and she was throwing a temper tantrum.  well daddy still said no so she told him he was "not registering her discontent" - really?  really?  she is FIVE y'all!  but hey look - she is wearing clothes!  the shirt is on backwards but "pick your battles" ya know?


  1. Ok, yes mother nature is on crack. We had almost 100s and now going to be in 60 with rain. I need to pull my twinkling out. I love your examples.

  2. We are having the same crazy weather...I was LOVIN' the summer weather much more!

    Loving what you are doing with the'll be great to see you for the class in a few weeks! I can hardly wait and I know it'll be awesome!!

    The kitties are growing super fast...and so is Pezza.....she's changed a lot in the last year and looks much more grown up...apparently she is by the sounds of her response to Daddy!! :)