Tuesday, April 24, 2012

stamping with Twinks!

hi all!

soooo when we decided to have pezza i was very clear - we were only having ONE.  not TWO.  i spent 95% percent of my time referring fights with the boys when they were growing up.  so what am i referring now?  pezza and bubba kitten fighting over a cat toy.  yep.  a feathered cat toy.  feathers are bubba's favorite thing EVER.  his were mere nubs so when i was getting teeny kitten food and petsmart i also got him a collection of new feather toys.  and pezza picked out one on a stick and insisted it was for her.  i warned her bubba would try and steal it.  and he did.  really?  we're going to fight with the CAT over a toy???  sheesh!  never a dull moment...  today we are heading over to register her for kindergarten.  we only have half day kindergarten here which is freakin' ridiculous.  why even bother!  so i have one more year before full day school.  what WILL i do with myself?  (*hopefully keep my house cleaner for one...*)  my neighborhood has afternoon kindergarten which means my day is split in half - NOT convenient.  somehow the wealthiest county in america can't afford full day kindergarten...WTF??? 

i wanted to share more of the exercises i did in Dion's Mastering Twinks class and i even ended up with a journal page - WITH writing IN a journal book. i will admit the thought of doing things in a book seemed weird to me - i am messy!  but so far i actually like it - it's a little experimentation book.  one thing we worked on was stamping with Twinks which is probably the first thing i ever did with mine years ago when i first got them.

here are my experiments:

and look what happens when the light hits them!

how freakin' cool is that?
next i added in some detail work:

I am loving working with my pens and doodling but oh how i wish my hand wasn't so shaky!  i suspect it is the beginning of a condition called essential tremors that my dad has.

the trick was finding stamps that would work well - most of mine are line art types.  i tried another stamp out to:
not too bad...

next i decided to make a journal page:
i wasn't planning on actually writing on it but after it was done it seemed perfect for a few thoughts on the trees i planted this weekend. 

and the shimmery glow...
just a slight tilt towards the light and WOW!  never. gets. old!  this would look equally wonderful on a card or scrapbook page (boy do i need to get back to my scrapbooking...)

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  1. How is there no comments on this post!?! Hel-LOOOOOOOO did they not see the frickin' shimmery fabulousness here?!!?!?! While I love the second picture showing how the light hits all shimmery goodness, I am swooning over the fourth picture! With the purple-y flowers? I feel like that is SUCH a good stamp/image for that type of stamping!!!!!!!!

    Or maybe it just looks so super awesome with the sketching you drew in? I love love it!!! It looks like a watercolor painting? Stamping is great, but I really, really like it with the added sketching/doodling/details you put in!