Thursday, April 19, 2012

pretty paper packaging...

hi all!

i think we might be having a bit of spring instead of full fledged summer finally.  cool and rainy - just what my gardens need!  my allergies, however, total mess this morning.  no headache tho *knocks on wood* - that's all i need is to jinx myself right?!

my little kittens are growing well BUT i have to call the vet again today.  two of them have an eye stuck closed with goop, one is sounding very rattly/congested, AND one cries constantly and his belly is very round and hard compared to the others.  poor little baby things.  they are SO freakin cute though.  the runt, taffy, is fearless and scrappy.  she doesn't walk she RUNS.  and she is also super fond of belly rubs.  when i sit down she runs over and rolls on her back for belly rubbing.  Skittle is the only one not sick at all and she is super shy AND the biggest.  when i hold her she is super cuddly too.  Candy, the momma, is still a bit trailer trash but she does clean them a bit once in awhile.  i have been trying to get good pics but they hardly ever hold still so everything is blurry :P  i will post two at the end of this post.

while we were away last weekend our neighbor and her 8 year old daughter took care of everyone so i wanted to make the daughter a little thank you gift:

The card is also for the following challenges:

Pezza colored the image (from A Day for Daisies - just love her style).  Nothing on this project is new or just released - feels good to use some of the goodies that have piled up!  the image and sentiment are both popped up using 3M foam tape.

now how cute is this little bag?!?!  it is from My Time Made Easy and is actually a little backpack but i left off the straps.  i love love love that i have a non cartridge based cutter in addition to my cricut - mine is a black cat.  if you already have a cricut do you need another cutter?  absolutely!  that way i can buy the template as an SVG file, import it into Make the Cut and cut it out in a snap!  of COURSE i filled it with some Hello Kitty goodies!  and then a bit of cash in the front pocket!

and for those of you who want to see the kittens here are two of them:

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  1. You and Pezza made cute projects! Those kittens are super adorable!