Friday, April 6, 2012

how does your garden GLOW...

hi all!

fun family fun time yesterday!  hubby got the day off and the 3 of us headed in to DC to the Museum of Natural History - my fave of all the smithsonians.  really it's just the gem and mineral exhibit - i swear i could spend HOURS in there.  for pezza there were several highlights on the way to the museum.  first we got to stop at daddy's office so he could turn in some paperwork.  she has been wanting to see it for YEARS.  next up - the Metro (subway).  she LOVES riding the metro.  my boys did too.  before we lived here i brought them on their first trip out here and they wanted to ride the metro all day instead of seeing the monuments and museums :P  of course the goal is to standup without holding on and not fall down.  the museum was REALLY crowded - i don't usually go on holidays.  but overall a good trip.  they have a live butterfly exhibit now where you walk in and there are tons of butterflies flying all over - one hitchhiked on the back of pezza's leg the whole time we were in there.

of course the huge crowds made for some interesting people watching and a few bizarre run ins - god how i do love DC!  almost as full of strange characters as the French Quarter is!  tonight we are off to watch some drag racing - pezza is beyond excited to see some racing in real life!

i have a fun project to show you today from my art journal pages:

 I struggled through some incredibly difficult years as a teen and young adult and the poem this line comes from was taped to my wall for many years.  it was a critical concept for me to learn.

i started by covering my page completely with black gesso.  then i painted the flowers on using Luminarte Silks acrylic glazes.  I wanted to see how they looked on black.  i LOVE how the shimmery-ness of them makes them positively GLOW!

i freehanded the flowers - i was actually really surprised with myself.  apparently i doodle much better with a paintbrush than pencil :P  Once the Silks were dry I added some dots with my white sharpie paint pen - love that thing!

i printed my wording on my computer.

i encourage you to check out the Silks - amazing!

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  1. Gorgeous flowers, I love how they pop off the page.