Friday, April 20, 2012

21 secrets workshop - secret 2

hi peeps!

 i am sitting here trying to calmly type while pezza screams and writhes on the floor *sigh* some days are longer than others.  i would try to explain what is going on but it is SO non-sensical i am not sure i could...and to think i had such a fun day planned for us :P  daddy is out of town until saturday night and i am thinking lunch at my fave vietnamese restaurant is in order!  he doesn't like vietnamese food but i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  it is so light and does not cause trouble for my tummy (yay liver and gallbladder disease :P)  wanna guess what causes all of my headaches?  stress.  hhmmmm i wonder where it comes from!  after lunch on to the mall - bare minerals store, claire's or icing for pezza, candy store, then rides on the little train and carousel before heading to my fave nursery for a few last plants i want for the planters.  of COURSE a trip through the starbucks drive thru on the way home!  OR we will just sit here and scream. truth is, she is a carbon copy of me - poor girl.  it's gonna be a rough road!

ANYWAY, on to MUCH funner things - my projects to share from the second workshop i did in the 21 Secrets workshop - Wisdom Circles by Dion Dior.  Dion is fabulously talented and i love every single thing i have seen of hers.  first we drew some mandalas:
one on white
and on black
the black is totally fun!  i used souffle pens - LOVE

next we add color - those will be posted on the Luminarte blog next week and more here as i get more done.  it is SO addicting!  i encourage you all to read Dion's recent post about them and check out her incredible blog!

perhaps vietnamese lunch will have to happen on another day when she is in school.  anyone wanna be my lunch date?

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