Friday, June 20, 2008

Studio G confusion!! series 16

Ahhh the title sounds like i am going to CLEAR UP the confusion but I am a bit confused myself. Originally I was told by the manufacturer that series 16 would not be available to any "big box stores" however my rep just confirmed that they ARE being sold to AC Moore - so i apologize for the misinformation on my website! as for ship dates I am still trying to get those confirmed. I have a feeling us little guys come in dead last in shipping order but i do hope things start arriving on my door step any day now!! I do realize it is hard to be patient and wait for your order ESPECIALLY if you can suddenly just pick it up at your local store but i respectfully request you keep your orders with me as all of the sets have been bought and paid for by me and I don't want alot of extras! altho there rarely are but this was my biggest order yet.....I assure you as soon as they hit my doorstep they will be headed to yours!!

thanks all!!!


  1. Don't worry about my order, I have no AC Moore in my area and you are my supplier!


  2. You are my supplier too! No ACMoore for me.


  3. Me too Marti, no ACM within 100 miles. Just glad you can get them for me!

  4. No worries Marti. I'm in Canada and our local M's doesn't get the Studio G any more. You have been awesome in both your cost and, even more important, your S&H to Canada. So many people and companies use it as an excuse to double our cost. You charge exactly what it is and it is greatly appreciated.

    Kepp up the great work,