Saturday, June 28, 2008

inkadinkado update and studio g announcements and more

hi all!!

quick post as i have work to do!!! i have had many requests for the inkadinkado $1 stamps out at Joanns. i CAN get them in. unfortunately i CANNOT sell them for $1 - Joanns gets special wholesale pricing *barf* i can do the full set for $40 - that's $1.66 a piece and it's the best i can do. so order if you are interested :)

Tsukineko goodies are streaming in so i have been organizing that and have this enticing pic of the memento dew drops for you:

Does it get yummier than that???? wait for the brilliance dew drops and encore metallics dew drops to make the same appearance!!! hahahahah!!

studio G - i know some Ms don't even have series 14 out yet (mine included *cries*) but i have pics of the next one up and have updated my web gallery/studio G shrine :P so drum roll - series 17 - very different look - scrapbooking greared and due out end of July (which apparently means Christmas in my area...)

Cute huh? glad to see they are really trying to mix things up a bit for us!

next studio G update - i did a precursry digging in those boxes i posted yesterday - looks like all series 16 so crossing my fingers for more boxes to arrive today.

i may be scarce this weekend and early next week - you know what i'll be doing! sorting and packaging, sorting and packaging. i WILL have the first in the perfect pearls tutorials up tomorrow though. you do NOT want to miss these - they are SO yummy!!!!!!


  1. They're cute, and maybe I'm just missing it... but they've done a set for Summer, Fall and Winter in this series, and NO Spring?! That doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Is this a set that you will be selling, or will we have to get it at Michaels? I love this one!

  3. How do we order the set from Joann's? Is there a picture somewhere?