Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming up for air...

Super quick post today - continuation of the last perfect pearls tutorial. i have spent the last 2 days in shipping h*** - HAHHAHAHAHHA - we are getting both series 15 and 16 out as quickly as we can. saturday was spent sorting - they DO NOT arrive nicely arranged into individual sets. yesterday was spent printing labels and packaging up. so be patient!!

i HAD to take a break from it all so i finished the piece i started using Perfect Pearls on black and also did a couple other things just to show you some other options - they have not been made into cards yet...

I stamped in versamark on black and sprinkled the Perfect Pearls powder on randomly in different colors, swished it around and brushed off the excess. Lightly misted with a mini mister (the mist needs to be very fine) it to set it. I stamped the Butterflies a swirl image in versamark and this time did a more controlled application of the perfect pearls. i dipped the brush tip a tiny bit into the powder and then brushed it on the image where i wanted that color. no need to wash your brush in between colors. Once i had every part of the image colored with powder i brushed off the excess real well and then lightly misted to set the powder.

these two images are stampscapes - i have been playing with them more lately and just added to my collection - kevin told me they would be shipping today - CAN'T WAIT!! i have two pics because one shows the stamp and the colors better and the other shows the pure shimmery-ness better - so hard to truly capture the magnificance of the perfect pearls in pics. they really are just gorgeous!!!

I will be back to shipping throughout the day today. i DO still plan on having our Pearl Mist tutorial up tomorrow - you will NOT want to miss that one!!

Also be sure and check Cat's blog to see what she has been up to with Perfect Pearls too! Remember the supplies can be purchased right here in my web store!

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