Tuesday, July 10, 2012

doddling with COLOR!

hi folks!

seems we are getting an ever so slight break from the heat - only 87 today!  still  feels hideous with the 46% humidity but i'll take it!  it means i can throw pezza outside with her little kiddie pool while i sit inside watching from the window and watching young and the restless.  YEP!  love it and hate it and love chatting about it on the splitcoast thread he heee!  i have been watching it since i was way too young to watch it with my grandma!  my other faves got canceled :(

I will be spending the better part of the next several days working on a cake i have been hired to do for a promotion for an airman in the air force.  quite an honor to be honest!  he is home briefly in my town before shipping off to the next place.  i'll post pics when it's done!  in the meantime i played around a bit more with my doodle flowers from this post.

 I colored this one using Twinkling H2Os.

look at that luscious shimmer!

and the transparency allows the doodles to show through perfectly!  i am really having fun with my Twinks now that i have them back out and front and center!  who else has some Twinks stashed away!

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  1. These look fabulous! You always make me wish I could "doodle" half as well as you. TH2Os are another product I missed because I was out of the crafting loop for a while. They are on the list!