Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a pezza's way video!

hi everyone!

i have been super busy around here but with stuff i can't tell/show yet SO that leads to a serious lack of blog postings!!!

it's also summer time/pezza is home ALL day EVERY day with mommy time which leads to alot less work time for mommy :)  we spent yesterday morning watching the olympic gymnast trials - i took gymnastics as a kid but not the train for competition kind.  our elementary pe coach owned a gymnastics training gym and he did a serious gymnastics course every year at school which i LOVED.  he was forever trying to get me into his team at the gym but i was not allowed to take classes full time.  however i DO love to watch it!  and pezza did too.  she spent the rest of the day dancing and rolling and flipping across the house and we now have a makeshift duct tape balance beam across the living room floor. she is going to start classes in the fall.

we have had unbearable heat and humidity here which makes it tough to get out and do much.  even the pool sounds bad :P  but we may venture out to swim today.  i am hoping the crowds won't make it unbearable!

i have been doing a lot of filming lately and of course pezza wanted to get in on it too so i am posting her latest video for y'all.  she has a couple good lines in this one :)

i know she would love to read your comments!


  1. That was adorable! She sounded so professional and everything! Dana's trying to convince me to take up mixed-media, and "I'm just a beginner artist, but I'm a good artist" seriously spoke to me! If I get around to making something, I may need something for Pezza with that quote on it!

  2. That was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! My oh my ... she IS precocious!! "Wasn't that nice of me to say, Mom??" You got your hands full, my friend!! She should be driving by next year ... LOVED it!!

  3. Oh how I LOVE her!!! She is sooo darn smart and I love how she says -- "For Example"...she's grown up SOOOO much!

    Thanks for making my DAY! I LOVE Pezza Videos!!

  4. That definitely brightened up my day too! How old is she? I particularly likes the definition of a sketch as a "craft plan" but really it is just to get you started. And "sometimes you will put something unpretty on your pretty page. Just cover it up with something bigger that IS pretty." Fantadtic advice, Pezza. Keep the tutorials coming!

  5. Loved it...such a pro! I liked how Pezza showed the stamp and other things up close. I would love to be able to be there in person to make a page too. Look forward to the next video!

  6. Pezza This is an awesome tutorial!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me.