Monday, July 16, 2012

watercolor pencil play!

hi all!

well, my foster kittens are still here :(  no adoption yesterday for us.  don't get me wrong i love them to bits but they need good homes they can stay in forever.  the good news is that we did have alot of adoptions of other kittens.  last count i heard we the rescue i work with had 110 kittens needing adoption!  and more keep coming.  please please please if any of you want a cat or dog do not support breeders or puppy mills - adopt a cat or dog from a rescue instead.  or maybe you like kittens but can't have one - contact your local rescue and ask if they need help.  we go to petsmart every wednesday morning to take care of the kitties in the cages there and it's a great way to get a kitty "fix"!

i have also been working on a new class for the Color Me Creative online class room - it is all about Mixed Media and is going to be quite fun!  this is a basics class - so if you have been wondering what all the fuss is about regarding mixed media lately head on over and take my class!  It will be up soon!

yesterday i was a blur of total inactivity and un-productivity :P  i had a crazy hectic week.  (i will tell you all about the cake making did not have a happy ending.)  in the afternoon i decided to bring down my watercolor pencils and a water brush to play with in front of the tv.  i do not have very many - a small set of derwent inktense and a small set of albrecht-durer.  these are both the very best in my opinion.  i got a set of derwent student grade water color pencils years ago and was never happy with them.  well you get what you pay for sometimes!  i doodled for awhile, colored in some stamped images and then i decided to use them to color in a page i had doodled a couple weeks ago

i love whimsical flowers and i really like these!  i drew them in ink and then added the watercolor pencil - this one uses the albrecht durer.

next I spattered them with pink azalea and sunburst luminart silks using a stencil brush and a toothpick.

i am thoroughly enjoying my pencils and waterbrush! 


  1. Marti, I took Pezza's words as inspiration and drew some stuff! I even sent her a shout out on my blog yesterday!

    These flowers remind me of my mom. She's always doodling flowers when she's on the phone and claims they're the only thing she can draw... ;D

  2. The flowers are very pretty! :)

  3. This is wonderful Marti and I think I will take your class at CMC when it's posted. I would love to get more creative and I think Mixed Media will help me think outside the box a bit more. Thanks for all your work with the kittens. All three of our kittens are rescue kitties and we love them to pieces :)
    Hugs, Christine