Monday, June 11, 2012

drawing and doodling...

ahhhhh summer we go!

we had the camper in for service and kevin picked it up friday.  his afternoon work was canceled so we decided to do a last minute weekend trip.  i wanted to go check out a renaissance faire saturday about 3 hours south of here and kevin said - how about we just head down there for the whole weekend.  so off we went.  there were not a lot of campgrounds to choose from - it was right off Lake Anna which i had never been to.

well.  what a disappointment the campground was.  WOW.  the camper (which is not huge by any stretch as campers go and has no slide outs on the side) BARELY fit in the site.  so our picnic table - which was severely bowed in the center and unusable, was actually in the site next to ours.  the sewer connection was up so high out of the ground that the pipe was running UPhill to drain.  which does not work....BUT we were going to make the most of our getaway and i do love staying in the camper.

unfortunately the people behind us were rowdy, noisy, drunken idiots for half the night so no one got a whole lot of sleep.  but we headed to the renfaire to check it out.  i have never been to one but always wanted to go.  it was pretty small but i loved looking at all the costumes folks were wearing and they had some cute booths and such set up.  not alot i wanted to buy (boo).  but pez and i decided i DO need to make us each a jingly gypsy skirt.  the highlight was the magic show we watched - they guy was HILARIOUS!  part magician and part comedian.  he had me rolling laughing before his show even started.  then he asked for volunteers and pezza got picked.  so he puts this rope around her and asks if she is a good girl.  she says yes and then he says if she is good it will come off but if she is bad it will cut her in half.  weeeelllllllllll boy did the worry come out on her face!  kev and i were dieing laughing.  she also got a super fancy braided hairdo - pics are at the end of this post.

that afternoon we took pezza to the swimming/beach area of the campground.  wow.  we thought the campsite was at this point i am thinking i have become QUITE the serious diva compared to when i first started camping in a tent 15 years ago.  pezza had fun of course - it was water - that's all she needs.  but it was pretty much an old boat launch area they roped off i think and kind of gave me the creeps.  however - it was nice to get away and we still had a good time.

it also gave me a chance to do some doodling while driving and sitting at the campsite so i thought i would show y'all what i came up with.  not zentagle-y exactly but kind of close...

i have SUCH an urge to add doors and windows to these - i think perhaps i should....
i also wanted to experiment with adding some color...
tried out a Goddess one too - not finished yet...
i like the way these have turned out and plan to do more BUT i do NOT find this to be relaxing at ALL!  i am very tense and stress when i do them so hopefully that will change...?

what do y'all think?  leave me a comment and tell me your favorite one!

and here are pics from our weekend - how cool is pezza's hair?  i need to get better at french braiding!


  1. Loving all your wonderful new Zentangle-like designs! I also think Pezza looks absolutely adorable!!

    :) Great pics!!

  2. cool designs! and Pezza's hair is fabulous!!!! Hope you had fun :)

  3. Your "doodling" is FANTASTIC ... LOVE it!!! Would love to see more color ...

    Pezza's hair is adorable ... amazing really. Don't know what you're talking about "needing to do better" ...