Thursday, July 19, 2012

cake fail...

hi all!

thursday already???  who has been checking out the new goodies launching at cha?  i have been trying not to look - i need to keep myself on a strict budget and if i look i want.  and then i am sad!  busy busy around here.  i let my maid service go too so i am on my own with the cleaning now and it is quite an undertaking.  but i put me and pez on a schedule and she does her share too so she can earn some allowance - it has been working out quite well.  not only is she doing them but she is actually doing better in general being on a schedule.  with have our IEP meeting with the school in 2 weeks and i feel much better about her odds of doing well in kindergarten too now.

this weekend my funnest buddy EVER, Catherine, is coming down from canada again - i cannot wait to see her and kev gets to meet her hubby bart.  i think they may be long lost twins.  and they both have to put up with the likes of us so they should become fast friends!

i told y'all about a cake i had been asked to make last week for a guy who got a military promotion.  i was going along fine and quite proud of myself.  the entire cake making process went off without a hitch! the girl called at the last minute and wanted to pick it up much earlier than planned but i managed to finish up the last bits of it in the nick of time and her dad was knocking on my door to get it.  two solid days on my feet in the kitchen.

chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling and my yummy homemade buttercream frosting on top with dee-lish chocolate clay decorations.

i was sitting at dinner when the phone rang - right at 6 o'clock, when the party started.  it was the girl who ordered the cake and she was terribly unhappy :(  seems i mis-understood her emails and pictures for the cake.  i left off the ONE thing she wanted to be on there the most!  the party had started, they had seen the cake for the first time right at that moment, there was no way i could fix it :(  i felt HORRIBLE!  when i went back through the emails i finally realized what she had meant.  i wish i had asked more questions but i didn't think i had any.

fortunately, i am reasonably certain the cake at least tasted good even if it wasn't what she wanted.  but i doubt i will be agreeing to make any more cakes for anyone!


  1. So sorry this lovely cake wasn't quite what you needed it to be. It does look great!

  2. I agree - I am sorry your customer wasn't pleased but I think it looks fantastic! Maybe next time a sketch for the customer to approve? The puppies are adorable too ;)

  3. Wish it was my cake. It sounds wonderful.

  4. Well, I agree with the others that this cake is beautiful. Sorry if wires got crossed and something about it wasn't right, but it really is beautiful and I say "Well Done!"