Sunday, July 22, 2012

remember fairy cake mother???

hi all!

i am up before anyone as usual and itching for the day to hurry up and begin for everyone else because today i am spending the day with one of my MOST favorite and funnest of all people - my buddy catherine who lives in canada.  AND our hubbies finally get to meet which we think is awesome because not only are me and cat like identical twins but our hubbies are very much the same too!  i think our goal for the day is to eat crabs - somehow some way catherine will be eating crabs.  and of course i brought her presents - one of which is the Fairy Cake Mother piece i posted about awhile back.

 ta da!  now if you have been reading my blog from the beginning (ANN) you know that catherine bailed on crafts and became a MASTER cake decorator.  in celebration of her leap i made her an apron.

when i began drawing people cat wanted a cat image so of course i had to draw her in her apron!

the background contains a BUNCH of different things (truly MIXED media!)  scrapbook papers, stamped pink tissue paper, stamped luminarte paints, glitter, microbeads, wool roving and a castle i also drew for her - because if you know Cat you know she NEEDS a castle!  (right ann?)  i digitized the castle and then added it onto a brownish background and put my family red velvet cake recipe on it too.

I made this on an MDF board hubby cut for me (because he's AWESOME like that!)  then to finish it off i cut some decorative wood molding for the top and bottom edges.  I painted it with Luminarte Silks - GORGEOUS!  I put some beaded trim along the bottom before gluing the bottom piece on.  notice the pink roving cloud :)

so what do y'all think???  will she like it?  i sure hope so!  and here's hoping we spend the day eating crabs!


  1. I love being in a blog shout out (twice)! I'm so jealous of your crab dinner...just showing of pics today from our dinner in May.

    The fairy cake mother is GORGEOUS! She's so Cat...esp with the castle. Love all the little touches, from the pink rovings to the recipe.

    Glad the guys could get together too. Hope you're all having fun! And remind Cat not to sing about the 100 little kitties & have a Pezza-Way slumber party :)

  2. Beautiful! Love all the things you incorporated into the apron. You rock Marti!...Tonya