Monday, July 9, 2012

bday LO with cricut

hello everyone!

did you all make it through the unbelievable heat this weekend?  good grief!  so what did WE decide to do in the oppressive heat?  well go camping and head to king's dominion!  what were we thinking???  hahhaha!  it was actually an awesome weekend and fabulous trip but WOW was it hot!  the best part - trevor came too!  he is not working right now so he came along.  pezza was thrilled to have her big brother for a few days and kevin wouldn't have had nearly as much fun with just us girls.i DO NOT ride big high crazy rides.  NO WAY.  i tend to be a thrill seeker, heck i have been on the back of a motorcycle doing 165 more than once.  BUT i do not do heights.  absolutely hate heights.  heck i can barely ride an ESCALATOR! i went on one ride called the ghoster coaster.  it's for kids pezza's height.  scared me to death :P so pezza and i hung out together doing kiddie ride stuff and playing in the water park - which is the only place where the heat was bearable!  the weather right now - 99% humidity - that is utterly REE-DONK-ULOUS!  BLECH.  i thought about taking pezza to the pool this week but a friend went yesterday and said the water was too hot to enjoy.  guess we'll stick around the house!

none of my kitties got adopted yesterday so we still have Candy, Taffy & Skittle and we brought home another cat named Big John who had spent enough time in the little cage area at petsmart.  Big John is huge and looks like Candy's twin.  he also LOVES kittens - LOVES kittens.  he's a big giant lovey dovey cat and the kittens like him too.

i have another scrapbook layout to share today - YAY!!!  the best part - my Cricut and computer finally communicate so i did it with Cricut Craft Room and it is so much easier that way!  i don't know why i waited so long to design this way!  i first started designing using my computer when i got my black cat because that is the only way to do it.  once i got used to that i couldn't stand having to do it on my machine alone but my cricut E2 would not communicate with my computer.  apparently the new computer fixed that!  hooray!

these are more pics from pezza's 4th bday.  i used two page maps sketches as my starting point as i always do.  then i used cricut craft room to lay out my pieces and size them so there were no surprises about width.  i grouped the cuts together by color and that way i could cut them all at once!
SO much better and easier!  i still need a little practice to get it just right. 


the bad thing about cricut craft room?  the search feature.  not because it doesn't work but because it works so well.  i have been trying really hard to drastically cut my spending and haven't bought a new cartridge in ages.  within an hour of working on this, because of the search feature, i had 6 cartridges on my wish list GAHHH!!!

Once all of my pieces were cut i inked the edges and then added some details with a white souffle pen.

i am hoping to continue to get some scrapbooking done and catch up!

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  1. Love your layout, Marti; it's darling! Very clever how you added the ink and white pen to the cut outs, gives it that little extra.

    Just got a laptop to use with Cricut CR, and am anxious to see how it will operate with my E2. Just need to get it all downloaded on here.