Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i brake for florals and leaves

Hello everyone!

So did any one else watch the grammy's?   I have not watched them in oh, about a million years but Pezza has gotten really into music and wanted to see them so we recorded it and her and I watched together.  I think I had forgotten how much I really love music!  I mean I listen to the radio of course and I am ever so slowly building up a play list on my iPod but seeing the performances was so fun!  And she loved it too!  We were dancing and singing along - makes me want to go to some concerts!  Last concert I went to was taking Trev and a friend to see P.O.D and Linkin Park about 8 or 9 years ago!  And let me just say that concert was freakin' awesome btw!

I AM going to see a band this weekend but not quite a concert I don't think.  Really I don't know - I actually have no idea what I have gotten myself into but my buddy Suzanne (Scrapbitz) wanted someone to come with so I volunteered.  we are driving to somewhere in VA i have never heard of to see a band called Love & Theft who I have also never heard of and bringing our long time friend and new momma Christine (Ever After Papercrafts) along too.  I figure regardless of what we are doing or where we are going it will be a good time because it seems whenever me and suzanne get together it turns into a show.

I have a journal page for you!  Today's style is a bit different than my usual:

This was SO much fun to create!  I chose 4 stamps from the Florals and Leaves plate from I Brake For Stamps to focus on.  These are GREAT stamps for this sort of technique!  I marked off the sizes of my boxes according to the image sizes and then I used Twinkling H2Os for a great painterly background in colors that reminded me of a sunrise.  Just look at all of that luscious sparkle!

Next I simply stamped my images using Luminarte Paint - it works with either Silks or Primary Elements powder mixed with glazing medium.  I put the paint onto the stamps with a soft sponge roller - it looks like a brayer but instead of hard rubber it is soft sponge.  This will work with any sort of acrylic paints and gives a bit more of a painterly look to your stamped image.  I think it would also look good with the images just stamped as black silhouettes too!  Browse through all of the wonderful images and pick some out for your own block printing piece!  Remember you can use my code to get 10% off!  SAVE10MARTI

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