Monday, February 11, 2013

found a new love...


I am, once again, missing my beloved Mardi Gras.  If I were to pick a favorite holiday Mardi Gras would be it but it is hard to say that now that I never get to go anymore.  However, my King Cakes did arrive:

 Thank goodness looks and taste are two very different things!  Thank you to my momma for sending these!  We will be scarfing them up!

So I was thinking I don't really have enough hobbies.....bwahhahahahhahah!!!!  Oh my poor hubby.  He cringes every time I say "I was thinking..."  But seriously, I have been wishing for some certain types of stamps and while I am SURE they are probably out there it takes TIME to hunt them down.  I have seen people talk about carving their own and I was really not thinking I was interested in all that but i have gradually been warming up to the idea and when I saw the supplies in Michaels pezza and I decided to take the plunge!

Yep!  That is what we did this weekend.  I have to say it is surprisingly therapeutic! The rubber is very easy to carve in to and I found I liked making the carvings look all nice and neat and symmetrical - almost a part of the art itself!

So far we have only done Simple, basic designs we drew ourselves.  Well Pezza did one and I did the rest!

How fun are these???  I wanted simple, bold, solid designs so that's what I made!

Can you see Pezza's little signature cat in the pile???  She has been wanting it made into a stamp for so long and now she has one!  All I had to do was draw the image with a pencil, put it face down on the stamp material and rub, it transfers right on and then just carve.  some small details are tricky but I quickly got better as I went.  The pink material reminds me of the pink erasers in school.  I can also print images out, transfer them to the pink material and carve them.  I think I will be making some more!  I will post a piece of art I did with them this week!  Has anyone else done this yet?


  1. Oh those carved stamps are goodness the possibilities are endless!!
    the PaperTemptress