Thursday, February 7, 2013

cats - man's best friend!


Have you been to the coloring challenge over on Color Me Creative this week?  Suzanne has challenged us to color texture - like fur, wood, dirt.  I will admit it is not one of my strong suits but I gave it a shot with an adorable kitty (of course) in my art journal:

 I am working again in my new Stillman & Birn journal - it did NOT disappoint!  This thing is AMAZING!

The loads of shimmer are from Luminarte paints of course - Silks actually.  To get them to move and blend I misted my page with water first and then loaded on the Silks - NO problem for this journal!

Next I added some texture using Viva Decor crystal gel and a Crafter's Workshop stencil - more wet media and still no buckling and warping.  AND it was easier to do this than it is on other journal papers because despite the wet Silks the paper was still laying flat!

Once dry I sponged over everything with more Silks in Gold.  It has been overcast here and I have had a terrible time capturing the Luminarte sparkle for you!  In addition the Crystal Gel also has sparkle - love that stuff!  I added some finishing touches with a black pen and a gold Viva Decor Paper Pen.

My little image is from Stamp Fairy.  Stamp Fairy is also the sponsor for the CMC challenge so join in and you might win a $10 gift certificate for some of their cute images!

I have been working in the Stillman & Birn BETA series wirebound journal which is the best one for working with wet media.  They have 5 different Series or types of books in both wire bound and hardbound as well as various sizes.  In addition, a Zeta series will be released this month which will be even better for the wet media techniques I love.  If you want to learn more about them and decide which one(s) are right for you check out all the info on their website - Stillman & Birn.  I also have a Gamma Series hardbound book which is wonderful for sketching and drawing.  I don't actually work for them!  My brother caught a demo of them in his local art store and encouraged me to try them out and he was right about them - I have been hooked ever since!  You can find them in your local art stores OR if you are like me and have no art store for hundreds of miles you can order them online at Dick Blick!

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