Thursday, January 31, 2013

I brake for collage

Hello all!

is everyone surviving the crazy weather?  we had school cancelled because of ice, the next day we were in shorts and the following day we had buckets of rain and gale force winds and a tornado watch - the gale force winds being on trash day OF COURSE! good gravy!

hubby and i celebrated 8 years of marriage this week - craziness!  i can't decide if it seems like 8 years or not!  i have always been a bit of a gypsy - growing up we moved alot on top of me being shuffled around a bit and i continued that as an adult.  i have this insatiable need for adventure and tend to like to fly by the seat of my pants.  hubby - just the opposite - very solid and stable.  and while adventure is fun i can honestly say safety and stability is not bad!  and i have learned how to do things like clean an oven instead of just move :P  SO grateful hubby has the patience to put up with my kind of ridiculousness.  and little daughter is looking to be equally ridiculous just like her momma!

I have a mixed media art journal page to share with you today featuring loads of shimmer courtesy of Luminarte Primary Elements:

the wonderful magical amazing thing about primary elements - on top of the amazing shimmer - is the versatility.  I chose 3 colors - green tea, lime squeeze and just peachy.  Then I mixed them into water with gum arabic to make shimmering mists for the background.  next i mixed them with fluid glazing medium to make a paint for the stamping.  this gives the project great color coherence!  and lordy look at that GLOW!

After creating my background I created my focal piece and wording piece with some awesome I Brake For Stamps images!

I inked up one of the images from the Collage Elements #1 image sheet with Coffee Archival Ink (so it would be waterproof) and then misted it with the same Primary Elements shimmering mists I used on my background to give it some subtle color.  I edged it with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

I typed up and printed my wording.  Then I added some stamping in the background using the pocket watch and clock face from the same image sheet collection.   I also misted this piece with the shimmering mists - you can just catch a bit of the lime green sparkle in the bottom corner in this picture.  Working with the sheets of images is a really great way to do a project!  Which image sheet is YOUR favorite???  why not grab a few from IBFS and get it all for 10% off?  use my code SAVE10MARTI when you check out!

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