Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i brake for tumbling leaves...

happy new year everyone!!!!

today is also happy holy crap school is back in session day over here!  the holidays were wonderful but pezza HATES to play by herself, hates to be out of school, hates to be stuck inside when it's cold and gets dark early, hates hanging out with her mom every day...well you get the idea.  she IS the child who complained at 2 about never getting to be put in daycare.

i am here with a new journal page for y'all.  we all do alot of reflecting when the new year hits.  whether it's thinking about how the past year went or how the new year will go.  i am not one for new year's resolutions per se.  i do the resolution, evaluation, new resolution, re-evaluation thing throughout the year.  however, the new year does sort of magnify it.  one thought that washed over me very strongly is that if i live to be 250 years old i don't know if i will have time to delve into all of the things in life i am interested in!  and it sent me into a bit of a panicky feeling for an afternoon.  so i grabbed my journal and some stamps and this is what i have:

 of course having interests is a wonderful thing - and probably keeps people going as they get older.  the fact that i am in a position to explore many of them is an enormous privilege too!  life is a lot of things but one thing it is never for me is boring!  ok there are occasions i wish for a smidge of boredom but really i am never one to sit still.  heck i can't even sit and watch tv - i always have to be doing something else at the same time.  and though i started this page in my studio i finished it off in front of the tv with a collection of neocolor II crayons, rubons and my zig pens.

i made the paper i used for the body of my house using stamps from two I Brake For Stamps sets - Collage Elements 1 and Floral & Leaves Plate. the leaves tumbling through the faint (but definitely present and lurking) clock and watch images was exactly how i felt.  creating this piece of paper to incorporate into my journal work is precisely why i love IBFS images.  endless versatility!

what can YOU create with the fabulous stamp sheets available in the store???  find out by heading over to the IBFS website and picking some out!  use the code SAVE10MARTI and save 10% on your order too!

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  1. Your happy little house is gorgeous and so are the background colours. Love the stamping too. You have a great blog, Marti. Wishing you a happy and creative 2013.