Tuesday, January 22, 2013

sunrise flowers...


we are in a deep freeze here in northern va!  i think our high today was 22 - add in the wind and WOWZERS!  with this kinda cold i need me some SNOW!  supposedly we will be getting some on friday - woohoo! 

we have spent most of our spare time feeding kittens. hubby has been phenom!  he has all three of them using the bottle instead of the little plunger thing which is awesome as the bottle is a MUCH easier and more efficient way for them to get some nutrition!  of course with no mommy to bath them constantly they get a little stinky so we will be doing more kitten bath time this evening.  i still can't convince one of my older cats to do it HAHAHA!  my 2 old girl cats are completely disinterested.  bubba is very curious though - he doesn't know if he wants to be friendly or is scared to death!  which is funny since they are the size of one of his ears.

i have another piece to share using the luminarte skins me and pezza have been making.  i have a butterfly garden on the side of the house with some gorgeous echinacea bushes in colors that remind me of a sunrise and that is what I wanted to capture here:

i can't get enough of them!  the background also has some subtle color and shimmer from Luminarte Silks.  the stencil design is from Splash of Color (Creative Imaginations).  they have a number of great stencils!

my flowers are handcut.  it is hard to tell in the picture but the brown centers have a bit of ceramic stucco medium in the mix which gives them an interesting unique texture.  you can also see the texture in the pink and yellow petals.  i added some yellow dots using a viva decor pearl pen - awesome little things!

i have more ideas but with kitten duty they may have to wait!  what have you been working on?  will you be trying your hand at some jaw dropping luminarte skins?  even a papercrafter/cardmaker can benefit from these - you will have the best embellies ever!

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