Monday, January 7, 2013

an artist challenge...

hello all!

we have been on quite the roller coaster over here.  my father in law had a heart attack on thursday night/fri morning.  he ended up needing a quadruple by pass!  this was without warning - he is not even close to over weight, active, and no sign of any problems at his check up the year before!  the surgery went very well and we saw him yesterday - he looked well and should be on his way home this afternoon.  as long as he takes it easy he should be feeling MUCH better than he had been before so it's good news!  he was so very lucky and we are all grateful for that.

recently i became involved in a great google+ challenge group for mixed media techniques.  this week we have been exploring using graphite and acrylic paint together.  it has been interesting to explore artists who use these mediums together well and often and to learn about the different ways it can be done and how people have approached the challenge.  if you are interested in joining in you can find the group HERE.  google+ is not something i have played around with much but i do like the challenge community format of this group and the talent and interaction in it!

as for my attempt at the challenge i have to say i struggled.  but in the end i have two pieces i am pleased with:

i began by sketching out my image on a blank page.  i gave it a spray with workable fixative to set the graphite.  then i thinned my acrylic paints ALOT with glazing medium and brushed over randomly with a paintbrush.  the glazing medium gives the acrylic paints an interesting effect.  they become very translucent - the colors beneath show through and make beautiful layers!

on this one i decided to mix Luminarte Artist Pigment powders into the glazing medium so my acrylic layers would have some shimmer and sparkle!

i thought they both needed a little something to finish them off so i used some stencils with full strength acrylic paint.  the turquoise stenciling on this one is done using a stencil i designed myself!  i always wish i had certain stencil designs but no one makes them the way i envision so i thought hey - i will make them myself!  i tried to get a few of the stencil companies to pick the designs up but i have been told people wouldn't understand how they would be useful SO i will just use them on my own stuff!  i cut this one out of plain paper on my black cat cutter but i need to tweak it a bit and then maybe i will cut it out of something stronger that can be re-useable.  fun stuff!

but for now - it is back to being a housewife!  play time is over!


  1. I love your stencil. I like the softness compared to the normal geometric.

  2. First..very cool pages! I LOVE how you incorporate shimmer..I never do and I need to start! silly to think we wouldn't know what to do with a stencil..HAHA...have they not heard of MM? I think you should keep plugging the stencils my friend..they rock..and they are different..not the usual geo shapes..etc!