Monday, January 21, 2013

Little love notes!

hi everyone!

have you all been enjoying your 3 day weekend?  ours has been humming along quite nicely with a well behaved little pezza.  she was off friday as well so we spent the day out and about - i asked her if she wanted to go to the children's museum and she said no she would rather chik-fila - um okaaaaay....  afterwards we spent some time roaming a book store so she could gather up some more chapter books - she has found several series she likes - most of them involving kittens as the main characters of course!    yesterday hubby took her off for a visit with his parents and giving me some uninterrupted peace and quiet (his dad seems to be recovering pretty well so far.)  i got quite alot done/caught up with - half way done with my mom's purse, my page in a circle journal i am participating in and even made my first booklet for my own circle journal i am doing with another group - i have made some folded pages into a book with a coptic binding - easier and funner than i ever would have thought! there is a wonderfully easy to follow two part video tutorial on you tube - Coptic Binding.  most of the girls are in ireland and i know several of them well and can't wait to see what they include on the pages!  so things were humming along smoothly and then it happened.

i got an urgent email from the kitty rescue i work with - 5 kittens, 1 week old, the foster mother found the momma kitty dead in the box with the kittens.  the vet things it was some sort of post pregnancy complication resulting in a stroke.  the foster mom works long hours and could not take care of them so me and 1 other foster have stepped up to see if we can save them.  they are a mess the poor little things.  the hardest part is that they need to eat and eat alot BUT they fight it with everything in their power.  i am a nervous wreck!  luckily i have a fellow foster coming over today who did two orphan litters last summer so she is going to give me a demo.  i did follow some of her tips and it is going better than it was at first but not as smoothly as i would like.  it has NOT been like the adorable videos you see on you tube with a tiny kitten happily sucking on it's bottle.  it is much more like my stubborn as hell breast fed only daughter clamping her lips shut and kicking and punching when we tried to convince her to take a bottle.  she wasn't doing it either!  i may be even more scarce than usual in the next week or so as we get them sorted.

i do have a couple little cards to share with you today.  i was asked to make some samples for Little Scraps of Heaven using a couple digi images they have for valentine's day.  i have always loved their cutting files and these images are super cute too!

both images are colored using colored pencils

however i did them in different styles - the one above is burnished

and this one is not - i left the rough texture to show through and also left a lot more white highlight area.  the background papers are mixed media papers i made myself - you know how i love to get a lil messy!

these are small scale - card size - but i like the look of them.  i may have to repeat them in my art journal or possibly a board!

and now i am off to try and get a few things done while the babies are sleeping before i need to do their next feeding!  if you are interested in learning how i color with colored pencil or want to learn more mixed media techniques be sure to head over to Color Me Creative and check out my classes!  Colored Pencil - Mixed Media


  1. Cute cards, Marti! Good luck with the kittens!

  2. Marti, I love the Bee My Honey. This is cute and funny and for the manly man it is not too mushy. Thanks for the ideas. Dee