Friday, August 10, 2012

watercolor pencil fun today!


AND TWO more weeks until school starts!  pezza will be heading to kindergarten.  unfortunately it is only half day kindergarten.  somehow the wealthiest county in america is one of the only ones that can't afford full day kindergarten.  not sure how that's possible but that's how it is!  we had her IEP meeting this week and i feel really good about her start.  now let's all cross our fingers she has grown up enough to behave at school and begin to learn to control herself :)  of course during the meeting she was the absolute most well behaved, adorable, polite child EVER put on this earth.  she really can be quite the charmer when she wants to.

i also had the joy of getting an endoscopy done this week in the endless battle to try and figure out what is wrong with me.  the good news was they put me to sleep to do it unlike the last 2 i had when i was 14 and was wide awake and fighting.  found an ulcer and hiatal hernia so on meds for that.  did some biopsies and i will hear the results next week along with the tests they ran on the NINE vials of blood they took 8-O egads!!!!  want to know the worst part?  i was laying in the recovery room and i thought man, it would be so nice to be admitted to the hospital for a few days......momma needs a break!

i did get a bit artsy this week too.  alot of what i have been working on has been for my online class at CMC which is technique based so i did not have a whole lot of finished stuff to show BUT i did manage to finish some recently so i can share!

today's page was inspired by someone else's class though - my friend Dion Dior is an absolute artistic master.

i am so drawn to her style and admire her so much!  she has a watercolor pencil class starting up on joggles in the fall.  when i saw her pictures i wanted to grab mine too!

so i did some little drawings

in some little boxes

and painted them in with my (limited) set of Inktense pencils

talk about fun!  i may have to do some more of these!
now i am off to enjoy the weekend!


  1. I totally love your drawings always and this watercolor look really suits them!ove the little boxes too.

    My son starts kindergarten in a week and a half too! I also hope he can control himself but I feel like the teachers are at least mostly prepared for energetic kiddos. I hope. :) Ours is all day and hopefully he handles that well too big changes!

    I am glad you made it through those unpleasant tests and that they figure out an effective solution for you!

  2. Marti, I'm thinking of you sweet friend, and also your little Pezza as she takes the next big step in life. Thank you for the shout out...your sketches are GORGEOUS, and I love your vibrant colors. Gotta love those pencils!!

    Hugs xx