Friday, August 31, 2012

in my garden


i just had a moment of panic typing that because i realized i had no idea what day of the week it is BUT I'M OK!  it's friday!  holy cow.

so week 1 of pezza in big school has been a great success!  she already doesn't want any hugs or kisses getting on the bus.  she had her very first babysitter last night and loved it and her teacher says she has done quite well. last night was parents night.  it's funny starting all over again.  this time is very different though.  i shared with y'all my apprehension regarding school and how tough it was with the boys.  i was awfully young, single, always moving around and never knew anyone there.  this time around i knew half the parents in the classroom and quite a few more at the school in general.  i hope it makes it easier.

i have had a long day and a long week.  on top of starting school and having the schedule we got used to go all out of whack i picked up a teeny 4 pound momma cat and 2 teeny babies.  momma has not got enough milk so i am doing bottle feedings every 2-3 hours.  they are sick too so i am doing all i can but...think good thoughts for us :)  in addition hurricane isaac went right over my mom's house.  luckily they did not have any damage and even still have electricity.  she cannot call locally but she can call me.  my stepdad has been going through chemo so he is pretty weak and of course they both go out and try to start clearing the debris from their 4 acres of yard and now are at the ER with my stepdad.  sheesh!  old people!  i called my step sister and she went to meet them at the ER and i told her to make them quit with the crazy yard clearing!

i played around a bit more with my inktense pencils

i drew the flowers first and added some doodling to the stems
next i added some color with the inktense pencils - not a lot - i put in my darks and lights all at once.

then i used a water brush to blend it all.  after it dried I splattered some Luminarte Silks across the page.  i am thinking i may make a garden series or something :)  ok i am off to bottle feed teeny kittens!  check in tomorrow to see what i did for the new color me creative challenge!


  1. The flowers are lovely, they look like they are dancing... you really did put your heart and soul in them. The colours are so warm and sweet...

    I am sorry about your step dad! Yes, please, he must not exert himself!!!

    I am sending positive thoughts, much love and strength Mama cat's and kittens' way. Our little kitten orphan too had us very worried, we almost brought her to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital one night...she did pull through, and is a healthy senior cat today. I wish the same for your Mama cat and her kittens (minus the ER fright of course).


  2. I am glad you got through his week, and TGIF!
    I wil definitely send positive thoughts your way and to the kitties as well as your stepdad. It is hard to not overdo sometimes - probably a lesson we all can learn.

    As for the flowers, beauties as always. I envy your drawin and doodling abilities! Thank you for sharing.