Monday, August 27, 2012

fun cupcakes!

happy monday!

yep happy!  today was pezza's first day of school - BIG school!  rode the bus and everything!  oh life is bliss.  i love her to bits of course but momma needs a break!  and that's what happens with the third kid.  the first time i put one of my babies on a school bus was 16 years ago and i was a distraught WRECK!  he was fine and couldn't wait to go but i put his little self on that bus and waved as it drove away thinking "i hope I see you again..." and then i cried and cried... until i had him back home safe that afternoon.  fast forward to now - see ya kid don't let the door hit ya in the ... on the way out!  lolol!  the only twinge i feel is that i will now be held hostage by the school schedule instead of being able to take off with her to places during the week when they are less crowded.  the best part - daddy stayed home to walk to the bus with us and to pick her up - i love that she has a daddy that's so involved in her life.  i explained to her that when she came home me or daddy would be there to meet the bus and she says "really!?  one of my parents is going to be at the bus stop!?!?  UGH!  i hate that."  the teen years are going to be super fantastic :P

so what did i do with my first day of freedom?  i got my hair done!  not only did i get highlights for the first time EVER but i got purple highlights!  special treat from my hubby!  i NEVER spend money on stuff like of pez and hair at the end of this post for those curious!

i have a page from one of my art journals for you today - another sketch and inktense play page

i really had fun with this one!  i sketched in the squares and then added the cupcakes

these two are my favorites!  once i sketched them in i used my black zig pen to ink it in and add squiggles as shading - a technique i totally copied from Dion Dior - she is so fabulously talented!  her work leaves me breathless EVERY single time!

Next I colored them a bit with my Inktense Colored Pencils and then blended with my waterbrush - gorgeous colors! 

and now here is happy pezza:

and happy momma:

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  1. Marti, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to do my crafting and papercraft blog searching! I decided to finally check in to what you've been up to lately. I would LOVE to get some funky colored highlights like that in my hair....but my hubby told me I'm too old!! Wait a and I are about the same age, and your hubby treated you to it! Hmmmph!! I guess mine is being an "old" fogey! :) Stephanie Doan