Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tie dye fun and FREE book!!!!

counting down....

last week before school starts!  of course i am thinking of all the things i wanted to accomplish/do this summer that i didn't BUT i did do quite a few things i wanted too.  got the school haircut done.  my regular girl wasn't there so i didn't get one but i am going to go back and have big plans *wink* 

one of the things we got to do this summer that was on our list from the beginning is tie dye.  pezza asked about it in the spring and then i got a call and was asked to do some to promote the new FREE eBook on favecrafts - How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Decor & More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns. 

How lucky is that!?!?   We were so excited when our fabulous Tulip Tie Dye kit arrived

Oh just look at those luscious BRIGHT colors.  now i have not done tie dye since my boys were small - that's a long time ago!  we rushed out and got ourselves some white clothes and got started - Pezza had two shirts, I had a skirt and a pair of shorts and i also had some white fabric i wanted to dye too.  I was uncertain how many pieces of clothing I would really have enough dye to do - we could have done more with JUST the first pack of dyes and we still have the extra packs of each color to do more!

I covered the table with a plastic painter's dropcloth from when we painted the foyer.  we started by doing several different tieing configurations - this is what determines your patterns!

 The Dye is so easy to mix - just add water.  We got to work and added our dyes to our stuff

bubba thought we needed a supervisor...

 The white fabric i had to dye had this pretty white design printed on it which resisted the dye so dyeing it made the pattern really stand out which i was happy about!

After adding the dyes the items have to sit COVERED for 8 hours at least.  This was accomplished by simply folding the long edges of my drop cloth over everything

after sitting i thoroughly rinsed everything to get the excess dye out.  then we laid them out and checked our handiwork

LOVE LOVE LOVE how bright these colors are!  not washed out AT ALL!

a quick run through the washer and dryer and we were ready to model some

where DOES this kid get this stuff?

hollyn was behind the camera directing me on how to pose for mine

SO pleased with our stuff and such fun!  we will be happily making more stuff with the rest of the dye packets.  so grab that FREE eBook and make some goodies for yourself and/or the kiddos too!


  1. Love the skirt!!! I used to wear tie dye, I should still have some of my old hippie clothes... :)

    Maybe it's time, I unpack them... :)


  2. Love your skirt and Peeza's shirt. Cracked up over her posing for the camera...oh Marti, you think when she is little she is a handful - just wait until she becomes a teenager!! Love all of it!