Monday, August 20, 2012

the queen

monday icky monday...

hi all!
i am happy to report that my goal of tackling yard work this weekend was met and exceeded! hubby and i spent all day saturday on the back yard - both sheds and my potting shed cleaned out and organized, weeding done, vegie beds prepped.  then yesterday pezza and i planted all of our cool weather vegetables and i weeded and cut down the front gardens, including the hated box woods the builder put in.  it was difficult to resist the urge to just lower the cutter down to the bottom and whack them off at their base :P  unfortunately i am now also incredibly sick with allergies but hey!  i got it all done at once so i only have to suffer once.  totally worth it though!  i how i hope the vegies do well! 

i have another journal page to share today - once again it is one from the mixed media class on Color Me Creative - i hope some of y'all join me for some messy mixed media fun!

this page is full of great texture!

i also used some fabby stencils from creative imaginations for the crown and frame

this is our last week of vacation before pezza starts kindergarten - she is so excited :)  i know some people have posted about being sad about school starting or a kid starting kindergarten but i don't feel sad at all.  we had a great summer but i am ready for school to be back in session! 

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