Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stenciled Silks

hi folks!

last week marked a very exciting moment in my life......we got some grown up furniture in our bedroom! yep that's right.  our bedroom turned all grown up.  1. - it all matches.  2. headboard AAAANNND footboard.  3. mirror over the dresser - not completely sure i like the mirror thing but pezza on the other hand loves it.  it is directly across from the bed/stage and she prances around up there striking poses and i even caught her watching herself throwing a fit the other day when she was in trouble.  back to the bed - it is SUPER DUPER high.  like i can barely get into it high!  i am loving it!  of course after it was delivered and set up i told hubby we can't bring all our crap back in because it is so not right for the grown up furniture.  so right now it is very bare in there.  kinda like my naked mantle i have not figured out what to do with...

i have another project from class with Dion Dior today.  i have started her Silks class and playing with those.  Luminarte came out with new colors too and they are dee-LISH!  Susana has them all at SCACD and she ships super fast!

Dion included a bonus project in lesson 1 using Silks to make a modeling paste for stenciling - one of my fave things to do with stencils.  i swear it never gets old!

i began by covering my page in Harvest Sol Silks and let it dry.

 To make the modeling paste i simply added some Silks to my Liquitex extra heavy gel medium.  i began by mixing in Honey Amber and using a chicken wire stencil from crafter's workshop.  after that dried i used the large size gingko stencil and painted through it with gesso.  this lightened up the area so i could go back in with more Silks.  again i let everything dry completely.

Finally i mixed some Fern Silks into the heavy gel medium and used this wonderful bamboo stencil from Crafter's Workshop - there are lots to choose from at SCACD.  i did it over the previous stenciling designs so the fence comes through - how neat is that!  Dion is such a genius!  Summer sessions of her classes will open up so be sure and check for them!

as a result of getting the grown up furniture in our room we will be turning a spare room into an actual guest room.  up until now guests slept on the sofa bed in the basement.  at first we were going to turn trev's empty room into the guest room but i thought about it and decided it didn't make sense since we had such an amazing guest bathroom in the basement and upstairs they would have to share pezza's bathroom.  then it hit me - i also don't like my craft room in the basement because i can't send pez and her friends down there to play for fear they will get into my craft room.  so i decided i will put my craft room in trev's old room and the guest room will be down in the basement.  unfortunately this will entail moving ALL of my mountains of crafty goodness up 2 flights of stairs....yikes!  if i am not on here for awhile you know where i'll be!

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