Saturday, June 16, 2012

i love cake!

woohoo it's saturday! 

this is a no big plans weekend for us.  which really just means we aren't going out of town but i don't think we ever have nothing to do on the weekends!  Today we are going to my newlywed brother in laws for an open house type party AND my poor broke little son is coming over to help me with some stuff here to earn some money.  Tops on the agenda - moving my entire studio up TWO flights of stairs ACK!  i sure hope i like the new arrangement!  i am also going to use his brute strength to help me with some things in the yard.

My tiny babies came home yesterday from getting fixed and guess what - poor little taffy has pneumonia AGAIN.  Sweet little thing just wanted me to hold and cuddle her when she got home.  she has a little swelling at the incision too.  the other two are doing well.  especially the boy - he is completely unphased as surgery for the males is so minor in comparison to the females.  so i have to pick up a nebulizer for taffy and give her more antibiotics.

as i was thinking about sitting down to write todays post i thought i should start by apologizing - i think i have some sort of split crafting personality disorder or maybe crafting multiple personality disorder.  i probably have a hard time keeping followers because no one knows what i might post next from traditional papercrafting to crazy mixed media stuff to jewelry to crochet to cake making YIKES!  i am a bit of a mess!

so today we are taking a break from crazy mixed media adventures for some traditional scrapbooking.  i am SOOOO far behind!  i do videos for FaveCrafts and have a slew of them lined up and this is the first installment of my most recent list.

i ALWAYS use sketches when i scrapbook.  ALWAYS.  i love them!  i love them for two main reasons - without them i would spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how to lay out my pages and all of my pages would end up looking the same.  this layout uses a sketch from Page Maps - my all time fave place for sketches.

i used my Cricut machine for the diecuts - a bit of a frustrating experience after using my Black Cat cutter so much but alas the blade is dull and so i switched to the cricut.  i DO love the cuts i can make but i have gotten use to doing ALL of the designing and sizing on my computer and then just cutting all at once.  i could do that on my cricut IF i could ever figure out how to get the cricut craft room to work!  i have yet to get it to communicate with either of my machines and customer service has not been much help :(  BUT now that i have a new computer i may re-visit and try to get it to work because i really like all of the cartridges i have!

i jazzed up my die cuts by inking the edges and adding stickles and ice stickles!

i loves buttons!!!!

i didn't have as many pictures as the sketch called for so i added a stamped image - this is an ANCIENT stamping bella stamp i colored with my colored pencils.  how i love my colored pencils!

my video shows how you can take a sketch, interpret it and make it your own - hope you like it!


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  1. What a fun layout! And Pezza looks so young.

    I can't believe you're moving your studio! That's going to be an adventure.