Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a pezza page!

hi all!

what a GREAT day today!  i got alot done, took care of some super cute kitties at Petsmart and crafted with pezza!  she was so totally agreeable and adorable and easy today *knocks on wood* - maybe she is going to grow out of some of her insanity....

I also hooked up my Cricut to the new computer i got a couple months ago and it WORKED!  for the first time EVER i can cut stuff from Cricut Craft Room.  I am SO happy about that!  i was beginning to neglect my poor cricut!

i am off to bed soon so my post is quick - i have been staying up too late recently.  i wanted to show y'all the art journal page Pezza did for the Art Journal Cafe challenge that I talked about yesterday:

 didn't she do a great job!?!?!?  this is a far cry from the usual glitter glue piles she makes all over papers!  she sat next to me and used the same supplies while i was doing my own page and she just went to town from what she say me doing!


  1. She did a fantastic job! Her and Jon need to get together. He loves glitter and glue so they would get along great!

  2. Beautiful colors and layout Marti.
    Lovely greet

  3. she did a great job: what a gorgeous page! so glad you both had this moment together :)
    one of the Art Journal Café frappuccinos!