Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a silk-y house for pezza

hello everyone!

so has everyone officially kicked off the summer - kids home and lots of fun activities right!  i have a few things i am determined to accomplish this summer - one of them was to get pezza on her dang bike we got her for birthday in nov.  talk about drama!  lord i have never seen freakin' drama like this girl can do!  shrieking and screaming she was to scared to move - ok this is WITH training wheels AND mom holding her bike.  really????  and this was not the first time she had got on it - no she does this every time and then finally rides it, does fine and then the next time it's the same thing.  finally i did what a good mom does - i threatened.  i told her if she didn't get to peddling i was selling the darn thing because there was no point in keeping it.  so guess what - now she rides.  does just fine.  we live in a neighborhood with lots of hills and she can even do those - and you know what she says when we get done with the ride?  bike riding is the greatest thing ever.  i want to do it every day.  really.... :P  anyway, we went again last night and there was no fighting it and screeching down the sidewalk so i am hoping we are finally past that.  next up - swimming.  unfortunately i am not a fan BUT i am going to have to suck it up this summer and get this kid comfortable and safe in the water.  so summer pool passes it is.

another thing we are doing this summer that is new - we are on the list of volunteers who go into our local petsmart and take care of the kitties in the kitty section.  it is handled by the lost dog and cat rescue that we do foster cats for.  so today is our first day - we had training yesterday.  i am happy to be doing more to help animals :)  as pezza gets older and i am more able i hope to do lots of volunteer things if i don't have to be working.

i also worked on one of the fun wood houses i want to make to decorate pezza's room.  i got the idea from a pottery barn kids magazine pic.  of course there's a a little plainer than i plan on making mine.  i tried to find them so i could link them but now i can't find them on their site.  of course it is possible i got the idea somewhere else too i guess.  ANYWAY, i had kevin cut me some house shapes from MDF (fab stuff and real cheap!)  kevin is awesome like that and cut me a bunch of stuff from a big piece of MDF - YAY!

so I decided to cover my first one using a technique from the Taste of Silks class with Dion Dior using the deeLISH luminarte silks glazes

i started by painting the entire house with Pixie Pink for an all over light pink shimmer.  Once it was dry I doodled on the house with a gold paper pen (viva decor) and let it dry completely.
Next I began lightly pouncing on more colors with a natural sea sponge and various Silks colors.
I put some darker colors on the roof area.  after adding each color i gently wiped the raised gold paint but not completely and not enough to smudge the sponged colors.
the last layer i added was Stargazer which i pounced on using some sequin waste as a stencil so i got some pale blue circles in areas on the house.  i really love the way it turned out and i can't wait to play with the other ones kevin cut for me.  i think perhaps the next one may involve book pages..........

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  1. Very cool! Love the colors and technique...looks like fun to do! Hugz