Tuesday, June 5, 2012

M's Place!

yay tuesday! got to be better than my monday was! 

at the moment my toilet is sitting in my bathtub and there is a hole in my dining room ceiling!  EGADS!  it is drying out so we can assess the amount of mold - it looks like maybe just the ceiling drywall molded and not the sub-floor of the upper bathroom.  when hubby pulled off the toilet he discovered the builder had put the wrong flange on when they installed it so it has probably been leaking since we built the house almost 8 years ago and finally for some reason really gave way all of the sudden.  the good news is - my hubby can fix absolutely everything.  saves us tons of money and ensures it is done correctly.  hollyn gets scared in bad weather and so we always tell her she doesn't have to worry, she is inside, it's a good strong house...she took one look at it and declares "well, i guess this house isn't strong at all afterall!"  she is now convinced we have to tear the whole thing down to fix the hole in the ceiling.

meanwhile i wanted to put a project back up that i had taken down so many of you may have seen it already but i wanted to get it back on here.  it is the journal page i did using the M's Place stamps at SCACD:

It is painted using Twinkling H2Os.  the whole little set combines to make up a fun little neighborhood!  really fun to play with and color so what are you waiting for?  go get yourself a set at SCACD!!!  there are 12 stamps in all which make it a heck of a deal!

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