Thursday, February 9, 2012

more art "the pezza way"

hi all!

as unreal as it sounds i STILL feel horrible.  how long can allergy reactions possibly last????  the last two days have been intense sinus headache no matter what i take.  thank goodness hubby is back in town so i can have some back up with pezza the wonder kid!

pezza is the focus of my post today too.  her artwork that is.  she has been in my craftroom while i work since birth so how could she not end up crafty and artsy right?  she made a piece alongside of me from a julie fei-fan balzer video and then jazzed it up like i did:

she started by adding a mix of things from around the house to her base with some gesso to get some fab texture going.  next she chose some luminarte primary elements and mixed up some gorgeous shimmery paints.  she was amazed at the way all of the different textures looked as she brushed paint over them - it was fun to watch her!  next she wanted to add some hearts.  now initially i thought - we'll just cut some hearts on my black cat.  but then i decided it would be much more HER if she drew them herself.  so she chose some perfect pearl shimmer mixes, mixed them up and sprayed them on a piece of brushed silver lustre cardstock from paper temptress.  then she drew hearts with a bic mark it.  i cut them out because she was getting stressed about it and i did not want it to become a not fun project.  she glued them on and chose some sparkly pink tulle to wrap around it.  this is for her best friend next door.  i think she did great don't you?!

i have been working on a little project myself.  the current Cloth Paper Scissors readers challenge is to make a USEABLE luggage tag.  at first i thought well there is no way i can do that.....but then my brain started going in spite of myself and an idea came to me so here is the beginning of my project.

i have a ways to go but it is coming along nicely!  anyone else read cloth paper scissors???  i love it!


  1. OMG she did an amazing job! Tell her that I love it!!!!!


  2. Marti, I was told by a friend that if you eat a teaspoon of locally grown honey a day, your allergy symptoms will go away. Worth a try unless you don't like honey... And yes, Pezza did wonderfully! :)

  3. Rest up and feel better soon, PIC. I am planning on some 'letting it all hang out' shenanigans in Baltimore! LOLOLOLOL

    Can't wait to meet Pezzy-lou-who!!! Shall I bring my DS so I can keep her entertained while you get stuff done? I also have the mind of a 5 year old so I can also terrorize her too if you like! LOLOLOLOL