Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a crappy day....

hi all

yesterday was a craptastical day.  today is shaping up to be the same :P  i am really struggling with some things right now and being sick AND on my own for the week with hubby out of town is definitely not helping!  and if i have to hear hollyn tell me one more time that she hates me and wishes i was not her mom i just might run away from home. so needless to say i was not in the mood for making happy fun sunshiney art.  i thought about heading to the studio but i thought the only thing i would make is a black piece of paper with black glitter, black ink and black paint - which i suppose could become interesting but not really.....then i remembered an art journal page i had come across.  the title was "a crappy day" - i don't remember anything else about the page and i tried to re-find it to post a link but i am not having any luck (if someone knows the one i am talking about please post the link for us!!!) Oh wait finally found it on pinterest of course!  but cannot seem to get back to the origination or who it is actually done by.....  anyway i decided i would do a crappy day page too.  because life is not always happy sunshiney days.  and for someone who has done the battles i have to make it this far and with some of the issues i have to deal with health-wise on a daily basis this can be a real struggle at times.  so here is my page - my no happiness and sunshine page...

it was quite an easy page to do and i do like how it turned out.  the background was one i had made with pezza a few weeks ago and had not used yet.  i swiped some plain white glue across the white paper in vertical and horizontal streaks and let it dry.  then i rubbed on some stormy blue and peeled paint distress inks.

i picked it up to use and then i had some gear shapes  laying on my desk that i had cut with a tim holtz die and had not used.  they were cut from the back of a paper pad so they were nice and sturdy and i thought they would make great masks.  i laid them on the paper and sprayed them with a shimmer mist made with concord distress ink, perfect pearls and water.  then before they dried i picked them up, turned them over and also used them as stamps.  once dry they were so pretty i added them to the page too along with another die cut from my perfect pearl/UTEE video for favecrafts.

i mixed up some more of the brown perfect pearls with a tiny bit of water on my craft mat to make a thick paint a painted on my title.  then i grabbed a brown colored pencil laying there and used that to do my journaling.

here's hoping for a easier day - we may even get some snow which i would really love!

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