Monday, February 6, 2012

lovely luminartes!

hi all!

I will start by apologizing if this post gets loopy at any point :P  i still don't feel very well and will be calling my doc's office promptly at 9 when they open to see if i can get in today.  i go back and forth between "i think i am feeling better" to "kill me Billy" - so fun.  to top it off i am on my own with pezza this week while hubby works out of town so i really need to get better!  Pezza is being her usual cooperative self - NOT!  i never understood the stories parents told about kids who refused to eat vegetables and kids who only wanted to eat one food item for every meal every day...then along came my little daughter.  my boys ate pretty much anything and never really wavered on likes or dislikes.  pezza refuses to eat nearly everything, insists on eating only one food item for weeks, and then will suddenly refuse to eat something that up until that moment she ate just fine ARGH!

of course the talk of the day today will be the super bowl.  i know the "cool" and "popular" thing is to be all about the super bowl but i, personally, could not be less interested!  i DO however, like to check out the commercials afterwards so i will probably do that later.  saw the M&M gettin nekkid commercial - pretty good.  the grad who thinks he is getting a car seemed popular too but MEH - it was ok.  i'll have to see what else they did.  did YOU have a favorite?  let me know what it was so i can go check it out!

i have another mixed media experimentation i did to show you today. 

I did this in stages with no real goal in mind other than i had a few different things i wanted to try and this is the end result.  pezza did a textured foundation just like it right along with me but we have not finished hers yet.  i got the idea from the Collage Fast & Furious class by Julie Fei-Fen Balzer.  This is another one I will likely move onto an actual canvas.  the background is done with luminarte primary elements in 2 shades of blue and the houses are hand drawn on old book pages, painted with Luminarte Twinkling H2Os and then I used a black marker for details.

My favorite part is the sun - also painted with Luminarte Primary Elements

I couldn't seem to capture all of the shimmer on camera but i sure love it in real life!  This is the technique i might be teaching in baltimore - still waiting on details!

i have been in love with luminarte products for some time and own quite a bit of their stuff BUT susana did an evil thing to me over the weekend and introduced me to the products at Lindy's Stamp Gang - i somehow missed them at CHA.  they have shimmeringly delicious products much like Luminarte stuff BUT it is all two toned...i promptly spent some studio time trying to replicate it and failed totally.  have any of you used them???  i would LOVE to hear what you think about them!

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