Wednesday, February 15, 2012

clay tiles!

hi all!

hubby headed back out of town this morning so i am on my own again - y'all say a little prayer alrighty?!?!?  so we were watching the velocity channel this morning - no not with daddy - that is what my car freak daughter requested - anyway, one thing i hate about tv these days is that you might be watching a show that is totally kid appropriate and suddenly a male sex enhancement commercial comes on ACK!  so lately pezza has been going through this thing where she is refusing to go to the bathroom when she needs to pee.  of course it is gonna happen eventually and then we are changing clothes.  i am pulling my hair out.  so what commercial comes on?  a male prostate drug commercial and what does the guy say?  "i was having a problem going to the bathroom to often and it was disrupting my life"  or some such stuff.  "then i found this whatever pill and not i don't have to go nearly as much..."  and i can't get to the tv fast enough and i am thinking no no no don't tell her that!  she's gonna want to take it and think it will make her not have to pee!  thankfully she was not paying attention.  apparently momma needs to keep a closer eye out when we are watching some riveting classic car auctions (god help me).

i am pleased to say that my house is all cleaned up now though - yay me!  oh if only i could keep it that way!  i happened to catch the kid across the street leaving for the elementary bus this morning so i ran to the clock to check the time - 7:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!  holy cow another year and half and i can scoot her out the door at 7:30 and not get her back home til 2:45??!?!  that is 7 hours people!!!!!!!!!!!  boy will i ever be able to get stuff done - i will be able to work AND keep up with my house!  heck i might even bake cookies or something :P

so what else have i been up to?  fun fun fun with polymer clay - this is why i get up at 3:30 am!

i spent some time with the amazing book by laurie mika called mixed media mosaics and it is amazing!!!!

pezza helped me too - aren't they freakin amazing!  i have made all of these after going through the first few pages of the book!!!!!  and there is still so much more!

i used all sorts of things - polymer clay in black and silver, luminarte polished pigments, perfect pearls, stamps, texture sheets, beads and gold leafing.  gold leafing is SO cool!  first time i ever used it and i ADORE it!  i will be making lots more of these and then creating some larger projects using them!  laurie is also very nice and has answered my emails readily.  she is even going to be teaching near me later this year so i am really hoping i get to take her workshop - it will combine beads and clay - does it get any better than that??? i think not!

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  1. Very very cool! Another thing I now want to learn!! YIPPEE!!